Exploring San Francisco’s Innovative US-Based Travel Industry Startups

January 29, 2024

In an era of frequent travel restrictions and regulations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of innovation is more significant than ever before. More and more startups are venturing into the travel industry, offering creative solutions to both longstanding and emerging challenges. San Francisco, known as the hotbed of tech innovation, has seen numerous travel startups established in 2020 or later. Let’s take a closer look at these promising ventures that are revolutionizing the travel and tourism industry through their pioneering ideas and tech-driven solutions.


Taekus is a fintech company headquartered in San Francisco, specializing in credit card benefits for travelers. The company optimizes reward points for airline tickets to provide added value to premium credit card users. Taekus, born in 2020, offers an efficient solution for those who want more from their credit card rewards but do not wish to spend time understanding the fine print.


Jupe is a housing technology startup that provides instantly deployable shelters on any available land. Jupe shelters are designed with flexibility and feature amenities such as LED track lighting, a continuous double-battery system, beside USB charge stations, and outlets integrated throughout. Jupe’s versatile shelters can service a range of needs, from housing during music festivals to relief shelters at disaster sites.


Stayflexi helps hotels and vacation rentals streamline operations and maximize revenues on unsold rooms and amenities. By providing a platform for automation and intelligent management of resources, Stayflexi offers a practical solution to the challenges of the modern-day hospitality sector.


HOKALI is a marketplace that connects outdoor enthusiasts with local sports schools for lessons and training sessions. By bridging the gap between learners and educators, HOKALI allows individuals to pursue their passion for outdoor sports with professional guidance.


Bestmap is an app that integrates data from multiple transportation sources to provide users with comprehensive mobility solutions. The app envisions a unified platform for urbanists and travelers to access data, plan routes, purchase tickets, and more, in a simple and streamlined manner.


Voyagu is a startup that provides technology to travel advisors, allowing them to deliver outstanding travel offerings and enhance the overall traveling experience. The Voyagu platform is designed to effectively connect clients, travel agents, and travel suppliers.


Truffl is a travel planning app that leverages personal interaction and trustworthy recommendations. Users can create and share unique travel experiences using the app, fostering a community of like-minded travelers.


PlanMoreTrips redefines how we plan our journeys. The tool allows travelers to create the perfect itinerary by aggregating flights and hotels from more than 1,000+ travel sites. The hassle of shared Google spreadsheets, emails or text messages is a thing of the past with PlanMoreTrips.


Trakk provides a mobility-management and reservation platform that enables transportation program managers to design, implement and operate a best-in-class rider experience. Trakk builds a bridge between riders and mobility providers, enhancing both ease of booking and rider experience.


Travogram enables travelers to book unique trips shared by fellow travelers, where experiences are easily shareable thanks to their innovative ML/AI technology. Whether it’s an adventure-seeker or a travel influencer sharing an experience, Travogram makes it easy for others to book these shared trips, creating shared memories.


Lightship is ushering the RV industry into the electric age with their all-electric RVs. An innovative, eco-friendly solution for travelers, Lightship’s electric RVs seek to eliminate the noise, emissions, and range anxiety associated with gas RVing.

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