Exploring Seattle’s Innovative US-Based Consulting Industry Startups

January 30, 2024

The innovation hub of Seattle, Washington is home to a number of promising startups in the consulting domain that are making waves in their respective industries. Through leveraging unique business strategies, these budding companies are influencing change and redefining what it means to be a successful consulting business in this day and age. The following are ten notable companies that have been founded in Seattle since 2020.

These companies represent a broad spectrum of industries and operate on a variety of business models and technologies. Whether it’s Information Technology, Cyber Security, Business Development, or Management Consulting, these startups have found their niche and are expanding rapidly. They offer a range of solutions and services to their clients, and continue to build their brands on the national and even international stage.

This sampling of Seattle-based consulting startups illustrates the mounting wave of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that has swept through the city, fostering an environment that is irresistibly attractive to investors and entrepreneurs alike. Herein are the details of these startups, including a brief description of the company, its business model, and its founders.


Founded by Mani Gill and Ryan Fuller, Round offers a community of technology executives and senior leaders. The goal of this start-up is to support one another, to learn, and to mentor. Round represents a new breed of Information Technology, Communities, and Consulting industry. By connecting community leaders and technology gurus, Round intends to create a beneficial exchange of knowledge and mentoring that creates better leaders and improved technology.Learn More About Round Here

RevOps Co-op

The RevOps Co-op is an advantageous collaboration that provides valuable advice to companies it their search to optimize revenue operations. The RevOps Co-op makes connections with leaders and up-and-coming startups aiming to build the requisite software and tech products for revenue operations teams.Learn More About RevOps Co-op Here

Caravel Labs

Operating in the Consulting, Information Services, and Information Technology industry, Caravel Labs is making a name for itself by delivering innovative solutions and services.Learn More About Caravel Labs Here

Gordian Data

Patrick Mauro’s Gordian Data brings to life a data science agency that provides quantitative software and analytics to a variety of clients. Gordian Data helps its clients in understanding the need for a data science or analytics function, develops that function through implementation, and assists the client in filling the roles required to perpetuate the client’s data science needs.

LJH Cybersecurity

Founded by Larry Hughes, LJH Cybersecurity is a company operating in the Cyber Security and Consulting industry. This company offers cyber security solutions to a variety of clients, ensuring their data’s safety.Learn More About LJH Cybersecurity Here

Green Side Consulting

Green Side Consulting provides a broad spectrum of consulting services, including project leadership, facilitation, advisory, interim leadership, business management, organizational change management, business transformation, organization design, development, and strategy services.Learn More About Green Side Consulting Here


Shineflow operates in the advertising, business intelligence, consulting, content creators, and digital marketing industry. This company is a force to reckon with in its domain, with a reputation for quality and innovation.Learn More About Shineflow Here

Superior Synergy International Consulting

SSIC, Superior Synergy International Consulting, is a top-class management consulting firm offering services to small and medium businesses. The company delivers customizable expansion solutions that are tailor-made to ensure each client, whether a small start-up or an integrated mid-sized organization, has the necessary tools to drive complex changes and secure a competitive edge in the current economy.


Dumela is an Information Technology, Management Consulting, and Outsourcing company that provides superior technology consulting, business process outsourcing, and product development services. The company targets entrepreneurs and organisations that are seeking to develop market fit products.Learn More About Dumela Here

Red Currant Collective

The Red Currant Collective is a major influencer in the Business Development, Corporate Training, and Management Consulting industry. Offering services such as organisational accountability, evolutionary okrs coaching, as well as consulting services, this start-up is riding high on its wave of success.Learn More About Red Currant Collective Here

Atchison Technology

Atchison Technology, founded by Lee Atchison, guides business leaders to transform their business environments, resulting in happier clients and a workforce that is driven to succeed and develop. The company was launched in 2020 and continues to excel in the Business Development, Consulting, and Professional Services industry.Learn More About Atchison Technology Here

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