Exploring Tampa’s Innovative Software Startups Making Waves Across US

January 27, 2024

Today we are spotlighting some of the most promising startups in the Software Industry based out of Tampa, Florida. These companies, established in 2020 or later, are innovators and disruptors, leveraging advanced technologies to change the landscape of their respective sectors. Be it Information Technology, Cloud Computing, Finance, Social Media, Robotics, or EdTech, they are making their mark both locally and globally. Here are the companies leading the Software Industry from Tampa, Florida:


Founded by Aharon Chernin and Gary Pica, Rewst is a cutting-edge automation software firm that focuses on developing robotic process automation technology specifically for smaller managed services providers. The firm is making significant strides in the fields of Information Technology, Robotics, and Software. Stay connected with the team’s progress by following them on @Rewst_dot_io or connect with them on LinkedIn.


ContinuumCloud is a cloud-based software solutions provider tailored to meet the needs of the health and human services industry. The company has effectively bridged the gap between Cloud Computing, Information Technology, Service Industry, and Software by providing integrative solutions. Further information about ContinuumCloud is available on their LinkedIn account.


Co-founded by AlexAnndra and James Ontra, Shufflrr is revolutionizing the way companies manage their presentations. The company’s platform formats all files as slides, making them easier to create, update, share, present, and track. Stay updated about Shufflrr on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.


Co-founded by Dr. Sara Smith and Murewa Olubela, MARVL is an innovative tool aimed at mitigating academic inequalities among English language learners (ELLs) in K-12 schools. They utilize Augmented Reality, EdTech, and Natural Language Processing to facilitate bilingual instruction. For more information, follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Ghost Squawk

Founded by Chien Doan and Daniel Kovach, Ghost Squawk is a fintech company that leverages AI to help investors make better market decisions. Stay updated with Ghost Squawk’s AI tools and online programs on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.


Co-founded by Matthew Chernesky and Sam Spencer, Nenos is building its name in the Social Media and Internet sectors. More details about the firm are available on their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.


Founded by Aun Abbas, Ititans is pushing the boundaries in the Information Technology and Service Industry. You can find more about the company on their Facebook page and LinkedIn account.


PowerMPS offers solutions in the Information Technology and Software sectors. For more, follow their Facebook page and LinkedIn account.


Co-founded by Carolyn Eagen, Eberjan Purugganan, and Jovanna Selvaggi, Kinstak provides private cloud storage solutions specifically for Military Members and Their Families. You can learn more about their innovative solutions on their Facebook page and LinkedIn account.

Martins software & Automation

Martins software & Automation is a cutting-edge company focusing on IoT, automated vehicles, advanced blockchain software, and architectural virtual reality platforms.

ArcPoint Forensics

Co-founded by Amy Moles and Jared Ringenberg, ArcPoint Forensics aims to facilitate digital forensics, facilitating more personnel to work with digital data. Get more insight into ArcPoint’s work by visiting their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.

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