Faith in Focus: The Religious Tapestry of Coram, New York

Unveiling the Diverse Spiritual Communities Serving the Heart of Long Island

Hope Reformed Baptist Church

  • Baptist Church, Religious Center, Religious Organization
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    A traditional Baptist Church, the Hope Reformed Baptist Church emphasizes foundational Christian beliefs while fostering a strong, connected community of worshipers in Coram.

Padresito International Ministry

  • Church, Religious Organization
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    With a focus on nurturing faith that is both deep and sustaining, Padresito International Ministry endeavors to guide individuals towards a lasting, unshakeable relationship with God.

Faith Bapt Church Incorporated

  • Baptist Church, Religious Center, Religious Organizations, and More
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    A multifaceted religious organization that reaches beyond the spiritual to address the needs of seniors and the broader community.

Christ Baptist Church

  • Baptist Church, Religious Organization, Church, Religion, Religious Organizations
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    Nurturing spiritual growth through scripture, Christ Baptist Church is a welcoming community that is committed to living out its faith authentically and compassionately.

Provision Of Promise Church Of Christ

  • Pentecostal Church, Religious Organization, Church, Religious Organizations
    This Pentecostal community is rooted in the belief that faith should be transformative, and it aims to be a place of hope and renewal for all.

New Beginnings Christian Ctr

  • Evangelical Church, Religious Organization, Church, Nonprofit Organization, Religious Organizations, Membership Organizations
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    With a name that speaks to its mission, this center is committed to providing fresh starts through Christ-centered teaching and compassionate outreach.

Trinity United Methodist Church of Coram

  • United Methodist Church, Methodist Church, Nonprofit Organization, Religious Organization
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    A pillar of faith and service in Coram, this Methodist community is known for its heartfelt worship services and extensive community outreach programs.

Grace Ministries

  • Religious Organization, Mission, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and More
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    A global outreach organization, Grace Ministries extends its compassionate hand beyond Coram, providing critical support in countries like Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Evangel Temple Inc

  • Church, Pentecostal Church, Local Business, Religious Organizations, Membership Organizations, Churches & Places of Worship
    This Pentecostal congregation is not just a place of worship; it is an active and vibrant community, fostering deep connections among its members.

Blessed Hope Baptist Church

  • Baptist Church, Religious Organization, Church
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    As its name suggests, Blessed Hope Baptist Church is a beacon of hope and faith in Coram, emphasizing the Gospel’s power to change lives.

Mordecai Golshevsky

  • Church, Clergy, Local Business, Religious Organizations, Membership Organizations
    This unique spiritual entity blends religious tradition with a modern approach to community service and spiritual guidance.

St Frances Cabrini Church

  • Catholic Church, Church
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    A longstanding and cherished part of Coram’s Catholic community, St Frances Cabrini Church is a place of worship, fellowship, and service.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Halls

  • Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall, Organizations, Magazines, God, Jesus Christ, and More
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    Committed to a rigorous interpretation of the Bible, this congregation offers extensive resources for those interested in deepening their understanding of Jehovah’s teachings.

Reel For God Ministries and Bible College

  • Assemblies of God Church, Church
    This college and ministry equips future religious leaders with the doctrinal and practical tools they need to guide others in faith.

Young Israel Of Coram Jewish Center

  • Synagogue, Temple, Religious Center, Churches & Places of Worship
    Serving Coram’s Jewish community, this center is not only a place of worship but also a hub for Jewish culture, education, and fellowship.

Note: Please note that the information in this article, including website links, is subject to change. We recommend visiting the organizations’ official websites or contacting them directly for the most up-to-date information.

Written by Mobb

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