Farmingdale’s Flourishing Garden Services: A Diverse Landscape of Offerings

September 7, 2023

Campanelli Landscaping

Exploring Every Corner of Landscaping Expertise

From basic lawn services to intricate landscape designs, Campanelli offers a wide spectrum of services for those who wish to elevate the aesthetics of their outdoor spaces.


C & S Nursery

Where Green Dreams Come to Life

Serving as a one-stop destination for gardening enthusiasts, C & S Nursery provides everything from plants and garden services to comprehensive lawn care.


Waldner, d. Co., Inc.

Furnishing Dreams Beyond the Garden

Interestingly branching out from typical garden categories, Waldner not only offers garden services but also specializes in office furniture, making it a unique dual-service entity.


Heads-Up Irrigation Incorporated

Ensuring Every Drop Counts

Focusing on efficient irrigation systems and garden services, Heads-Up Irrigation provides a host of services ensuring gardens remain lush throughout the year.


Lee Hanson Sprinklers

Sprinkling Life to Your Greens

Though lacking a website, this company is known for its comprehensive sprinkler and garden services. From basic lawn care to specialized garden sprinklers, Lee Hanson ensures plants always get the hydration they need.

Carlos Exterminating Corporation

Guarding Gardens from Pests

While primarily a pest control company, Carlos Exterminating offers services that ensure gardens remain bug-free, preserving both aesthetic and plant health.

MDC Contracting

Building Dreamscapes One Garden at a Time

Specializing in landscaping and garden services, MDC Contracting crafts beautiful outdoor spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Dad Mother & Son G C

Irrigation, Landscaping, and Beyond

This company offers a wide range of services from sprinkler installations to solar energy systems, making them a multifaceted choice for landscaping needs.

Starkie Brothers Custom Landscaping, Inc

Crafting Gardens with Precision and Passion

As their name suggests, Starkie Brothers focus primarily on custom landscaping, bringing unique, tailored designs to life.


Floor Store

Grounding Gardens with Style

While primarily a flooring store, Floor Store’s inclusion in this list showcases the intersection of interior and exterior design.


Long Island Lawn Sprinklers

Quenching the Thirst of Farmingdale Gardens

Specializing in lawn sprinkler systems, this company ensures that gardens across Farmingdale are always watered to perfection.


Andys Landscaping & Garden Care

Crafting Visions from Ground Up

With a broad spectrum of services, from basic landscaping to pond maintenance, Andys is a name synonymous with comprehensive garden care.

Woerner James

Where Mechanical Expertise Meets Gardening

Offering a unique blend of mechanical and gardening services, Woerner James serves a niche yet crucial market.

Marias Carpet & Flooring

Laying Foundations Beyond Interiors

While primarily focused on interiors, Maria’s offerings extend to gardens, showcasing a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor aesthetics.

Rainbow House

Elevating Living Experiences

While not strictly a gardening company, Rainbow House’s inclusion highlights the importance of integrating green spaces into urban living areas.

In conclusion, Farmingdale offers a diverse range of companies catering to every conceivable gardening need. Whether you’re looking to design a new landscape, maintain an existing one, or explore the boundaries of garden services, Farmingdale has you covered.

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