Farmington’s Finest: Assisted Living Facilities Stepping up in Senior Care

August 11, 2023

Golden Grand Homecare LLC

Providing a range of services under one roof, Golden Grand is not just about assisted living but emphasizes comprehensive care.

Legacy of Farmington Senior Living

An embodiment of Tealwood’s commitment to senior living, Legacy offers a haven for those seeking a community feel with expert care.

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  • Categories: Tealwood Senior Living, Retirement Community, Assisted Living Facility, Alzheimer’s Care

Trinity Care Center – Trinity Terrace

Much more than an assisted living facility, Trinity Care Center offers a blend of homeliness and luxury for its residents.

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  • Categories: Hotel, Retirement Home, Retirement Communities, Retirement Housing, Apartments, Retirement Apartments, Assisted Living Facilities

Community Assistant Living

Dedicated to offering comprehensive community and residential care, this facility takes a holistic approach to elderly care.

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Eaves Way EMSOCS

A unique combination of social services and residential care, Eaves Way is all about creating a harmonious community for the elderly.

  • Categories: Group home, Group Homes, Social Services, Residential Care

2 Caring Hands Inc

Living up to its name, 2 Caring Hands emphasizes personal care, ensuring each resident feels at home.

  • Categories: Assisted living facility, Retirement & Assisted Living Facility

Walker Methodist

Promising a rich and fulfilling lifestyle for seniors, Walker Methodist stands out with its dedication and services.

Winsor Plaza Senior Housing

A hub for senior citizen services, Winsor Plaza ensures that the golden years are spent in comfort and community.

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  • Categories: Senior citizen center, Organizations, Center, Senior Citizens, Citizen, Citizen Centers, Senior Citizen Services

BeeHive Homes Assisted Living

Offering personalized care with a touch of warmth, BeeHive is all about creating a family away from family.

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  • Description: BeeHive ensures 24-hour care with a spectrum of services from mobility assistance to memory care, creating a vibrant community for its residents.
  • Categories: Assisted Living Facility, Senior Citizen Center, Alzheimer’s Care, Nursing Home

Orchard Path

Orchard Path, overlooking the serene Cobblestone Lake, offers a holistic approach to senior living, blending wellness with an active lifestyle.

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  • Description: Emphasizing a lifestyle of good health and vitality, Orchard Path promises an enriching experience in the heart of Apple Valley.
  • Categories: Presbyterian Homes and Services, Retirement Community, Assisted Living Facility, Nursing Home, Non-Profit Organization, Community, Senior Living, Retirement Communities, Seniors, Retirement, MN, Nonprofit, Dementia Care, Apple Valley, Senior Community, Help at Home, Senior Apartments, Meal Delivery, Residential Community, Active Lifestyle, Faith Based, Home Health Aide, Presbyterian Homes, Alzheimer’s Care, maintenance free living, 55 Apartments, Presbyterian Homes & Services, freedom to live well, shared amenities, senior dining choices, Orchard Path

Mentor Network

Dedicated to pioneering advances in assisted living facilities, Mentor Network upholds the highest standards of care and commitment.

Boden Senior Living

Boden promises a harmonious blend of expert care and community, making it a sought-after choice for senior living.

  • Categories: Retirement Community, Assisted Living Facility, Alzheimer’s Care

Ecumen Seasons at Apple Valley

Standing tall with a legacy of 160 years, Ecumen Seasons is the epitome of excellence in nonprofit senior housing & services.

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  • Description: With a spectrum of services from independent living to memory care, Ecumen ensures that every resident finds their place under the sun.
  • Categories: Retirement Community, Assisted Living Facility, Nursing Home, Non Profit Financial Services

The Rosemount Senior Living at Steeple Center

Blending luxury with warmth, The Rosemount stands as a testament to the best in senior living.

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  • Categories: Apartment & Condo Building, Retirement & Assisted Living Facility, Senior Center, Assisted living facility, Assisted Living Facilities

Embracing the golden years should be about community, care, and comfort. Farmington, with its array of stellar assisted living facilities, promises just that. Whether you’re seeking comprehensive care or a thriving community, you’re sure to find a perfect fit in this city.

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