Farmington’s Finest: Unraveling the Barber Shop Marvels of Maine

July 26, 2023

Hair Designs Unlimited
Categories: Beauty salon, Hair Salon, Hair Salons, Barber Shop
Discover a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional hair designs, where every strand counts.

Silver Shear
Categories: Barber Shop, Hair Salon, Beauty salon, Personal Services, Hair Salons, Beauty Shop
Step into a world where style meets sophistication, ensuring a silver lining for every hairstyle.

Hair Razor
Categories: Beauty salon, Hair Salons, Makeup Artists, Barber Shop
Edge, elegance, and expertise – Hair Razor stands as the epitome of all.

Dick’s Barber Shop
Categories: Barber Shop
Where tradition meets precision, Dick’s Barber Shop offers classic styles with a modern twist.

Broadway Barber Shop
Categories: Hair Salons, Barber Shop
Making headlines in hair trends, Broadway brings a slice of New York’s flair to Farmington.

Turners Tender Cut
Categories: Barbers, Barber Shop
The name says it all – meticulous cuts that turn heads, every time.

Nancys Fashion Cuts
Categories: Salon, Barbers, Beauty Salon, Barber Salon
Nancy’s crafts every cut with passion, making fashion-forward styles accessible to all.

Sizzle Tanning Salon
Categories: Tanning salon, Tanning Salons, Salon, Hair Salons, Barber Shop
Get your perfect shade of sun-kissed glow, with a touch of hair excellence on the side.

Sassy Scizzors
Categories: Salon, Barbers, Beauty Salon, Hair Salons, Barber Salon
For those who like a little sass with their style, this is the place to be.

Renees Mane Attraction
Categories: Beauty salon, Salon, Barbers, Barber Salon
Experience a mane transformation like no other, where every hair flip counts.

Jos Hair Fashion
Categories: Hair Salon, Nail Salon, Tanning Salon, Beauty salon, Salon, Barbers, Spa, Beauty, Hair Salons, Barber Shop, Barber Salon
Your one-stop-shop for all things beauty, from hair to nails, and everything in between.

Scissor Wizard
Categories: Beauty salon, Salon, Barbers, Barber Salon
Magical transformations guaranteed – because here, scissors do the talking.

Reginas Men Hairstyling
Categories: Salon, Barbers
For the gentlemen of Farmington, Regina’s offers the perfect blend of style and class.

The Nail Doctor
Categories: Barber Shop, Nail Salon, Tanning Salon, Tanning Salons
When it comes to nails, The Nail Doctor’s diagnosis always equals perfection.

Central Maine Tool Sharpening Service
Categories: Service, Salon, Barbers, Beauty Salon, Personal Care, Industrial Services, Personal Services, Sharpening Services, Barber Salon, Supply Service & Repair, Beauty Salon Equipment & Supplies
Where tools meet precision, Central Maine ensures every blade is in its prime, ensuring perfection in every cut.

Farmington, with its rich array of barber shops and beauty salons, showcases the artistry and craftsmanship of hair and beauty professionals. Dive into these jewels of Maine and experience the transformation that awaits.

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