Farmingville’s Grocery Galore: A Glimpse into the Heart of New York’s Supermarket Scene

August 19, 2023

CTown Supermarkets: Convenience at Your Fingertips

CTown Supermarkets now offers gift cards, adding a new layer of convenience for shoppers. Being a part of Alpha 1 Marketing, this supermarket aims to make every visit efficient and satisfying.

Compare Foods: Your Friendly Neighborhood Grocery

With categories spanning from Supermarket to Food & Dining, Compare Foods is a versatile hub for every household’s needs, providing a convenient and extensive selection of products.

Fine Fare of Farmingville: Healthful Choices for All

As a Grocery Store, Produce Market, Health Food Store, and Supermarket rolled into one, Fine Fare of Farmingville offers fresh and healthful options for every type of consumer.

Bairrada Market: A World of Flavor

This grocery store provides a unique assortment of foods that will transport your taste buds to new horizons. Bairrada Market is a staple for those looking for international options right at home.

Bike Discounters: Not Your Typical Supermarket

At first glance, Bike Discounters may seem like an odd name for a supermarket category. However, it serves as a testament to the diversity and ingenuity present in Farmingville’s marketplace.

ShopRite: A Personal Touch in Every Aisle

Whether you’re visiting ShopRite of Selden or ShopRite of Lake Ronkonkoma, you’ll find a warm, community-oriented approach that makes shopping feel like visiting a neighbor.

Best Market Selden: Quality Meets Value

Best Market Selden is synonymous with quality. With its website always up-to-date, shopping smart has never been easier.

King Kullen: The Royal Standard of Groceries

With two entries in Farmingville, King Kullen Grocery and King Kullen Grocery Co Inc, this supermarket chain is a regal presence in the town’s landscape.

ALDI: Exceptional Savings, Every Day

Visit ALDI for award-winning items and incredible savings. Plus, with curbside pickup or delivery, the convenience is unbeatable.

Eastern Geo Supermarket: An Asian Culinary Experience

A mix between a Supermarket, Asian Grocery Store, and Convenience Store, Eastern Geo offers an array of Asian products that add spice and variety to your weekly shop.

Lidl: European Excellence without the Price Tag

Lidl ensures that high quality doesn’t have to empty your wallet. Their range of European pastries, imported cheeses, and local produce sets a new standard for grocery shopping.

Giunta’s Meat Farms: More than Just a Butcher

With two listings, Giunta’s Meat Farms is a go-to destination for quality meats, deli options, and more, offering a robust and convenient solution for every carnivore’s needs.


Farmingville, NY is home to a rich and varied supermarket scene. From exclusive, quality brands to international delicacies and budget-friendly options, Farmingville’s supermarkets offer a world of choices right at residents’ doorsteps. Whether you are a local, a visitor, or a curious entrepreneur, Farmingville is a vibrant and growing hub for food shopping that caters to every taste and lifestyle.

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