Find the Career that Fits Perfectly: The Tools are at Your Fingertips

June 22, 2021

Why do so many people stay in unrewarding careers? Fear of change? Lack of updated skills? Whatever the case, staying in an unfulfilling job prevents you from doing what you really want to do. The pandemic taught us that we can pivot and innovate faster than we ever thought possible, so why not restart your career with a renewed vision and a clearer path forward?

Elevate Your Career: Live a Life You’re Truly Proud Of from experienced career coach Helen Horyza brilliantly demonstrates how you can design a career that aligns with your interests and talents by discovering what makes you truly happy.

“The path to a thriving career requires self reflection to discover what values are important to you and to identify the types of work that hold real meaning,” Horyza writes. “It also demands patience and persistence.”

Through a series of true stories, Horyza illustrates how people from all walks of life and education levels can create a career that is literally a perfect fit—even if you don’t know what your “passion” is yet.

In addition to these real-world examples, Elevate Your Career includes valuable tools that readers can use right away to reassess their career paths. First, the Elevate Career Cycle method, which is explained in the book, can help readers uncover their passion by pinpointing their interests and unique talents. Also included with the book is a coupon code for the Elevations Career Assessment, which synthesizes values, skills, interests and personality in the context of contemporary careers. Individuals who complete the assessment receive a focused report complete with valuable decision-making tools. The result is a comprehensive model for smart and healthy career development.

No matter where you are in your evolving career journey—college student, executive or someone looking to course-correct—this book will provide you with the tools and the momentum you need to elevate your career.

Helen Horyza is an award-winning author and Founder of the Career Coach Entrepreneur Academy.  Helen holds a Master of Science degree in Career Counseling from California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) and is a professionally trained coach through Coach Training International. She is a Nationally Certified Career Counselor (NCCC) who has a gift for uncovering talent and directing it to achieve extraordinary results.

Horyza is comfortable inspiring audiences large and small with her authentic, approachable style. She is the inventor and author of the Elevations® suite of assessments designed to assist individuals in career transition or to enhance employee engagement. Elevations® is utilized in colleges, universities and in consultant practices around the world. 

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Elevate Your Career: Live a Life You’re Truly Proud Of

Publisher: Merack

ISBN-10: 1949635384

ISBN-13: 978-1949635386

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