Fueling Florida’s Business Ecosystem: Exploring the Vibrant Wholesale Companies

July 11, 2023


Florida’s dynamic business landscape is brimming with innovation, and its wholesale sector is no exception. In this article, we uncover 15 remarkable wholesale startups that are driving growth, supplying essential products, and reshaping industries across the Sunshine State. From coffee roasters and chemical suppliers to distribution companies and pet supplies, these startups are at the forefront of wholesale excellence. Join us as we delve into their stories, explore their offerings, and witness the impact they are making on Florida’s business ecosystem.

Apocalypse Coffee Roasters: Brewing Excellence in Wholesale Coffee

Website: Apocalypse Coffee Roasters

Description: Apocalypse Coffee Roasters is a passionate coffee shop that offers high-quality, artisanal coffee to wholesalers, delighting caffeine enthusiasts throughout Florida.

Flotent Chemicals: Advanced Solutions for Various Industries

Website: Flotent Chemicals

Description: Flotent Chemicals supplies advanced materials, functional products, and specialized chemicals to industries in need of cutting-edge solutions, fostering innovation across sectors.

Open Sea Distribution: Distributing Innovative Skincare Solutions

Website: Open Sea Distribution

Description: Open Sea Distribution serves as a reliable distributor of cryo skin, cryone, and collagen lift products, empowering businesses in the beauty and skincare industry.

The Box Import: A Treasure Trove of Wholesale Products

Website: The Box Import

Description: The Box Import is a comprehensive retail and wholesale supplier, offering a diverse range of electronic, food, household, health, and beauty products from renowned brands.

Mr. Smokey Smoke Shops: Empowering the Vaping Industry

Website: Mr. Smokey Smoke Shops

Description: Mr. Smokey Smoke Shops supplies disposable vapes, e-cigarettes, and refill vapes, catering to the growing demand in the vaping community across Florida.

Fuego Fino: Eco-Conscious Wine and Spirits Distribution

Website: Fuego Fino

Description: Fuego Fino practices environmental responsibility in the wine and spirits industry, providing sustainable wholesale options while upholding quality and taste.

Grandbeing Technology: Enabling Digital Audio and Video Innovation

Website: Grandbeing Technology

Description: Grandbeing Technology is an OEM/ODM company that collaborates with businesses to design, develop, and manufacture cutting-edge digital audio and video products.

Elevated Wine & Spirits: Elevating Craft Wines and Spirits

Website: Elevated Wine & Spirits

Description: Elevated Wine & Spirits is an import and distribution company specializing in craft wines and spirits, bringing unique and exceptional flavors to Florida’s connoisseurs.

The Moringa Group: Nurturing Health with Moringa Products

Website: The Moringa Group

Description: The Moringa Group is a trusted wholesaler of moringa leaf powder and capsules, harnessing the power of this superfood to promote wellness across the state.

Culligan of Tampa: Pioneering Water Conditioning Solutions

Website: Culligan of Tampa

Description: Culligan of Tampa supplies salt-free water conditioners, RO water filter systems, and other water supplies, ensuring Floridians have access to clean and healthy water.

TheraSIP: Transforming Speech and Swallowing Therapy

Website: TheraSIP

Description: TheraSIP provides innovative therapy tools for the treatment of swallowing and speech disorders, empowering therapists and improving patient outcomes.

PetFX: Nurturing Pets with Premium Supplies

Website: PetFX

Description: PetFX offers a wide range of pet supplies, including shampoos, supplements, and hemp-infused products, ensuring the well-being of beloved furry friends.

Miami Arak: Unleashing Bold Flavors in Liqueurs

Website: Miami Arak

Description: Miami Arak is a food and beverage company dedicated to producing liqueurs with bold, fresh, and fun flavors, adding excitement to the wholesale market.

Shwifty Hemp Co: Elevating Hemp-Derived Products

Website: Shwifty Hemp Co

Description: Shwifty Hemp Co is a trusted wholesaler of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) products, harnessing the potential of hemp-derived offerings.

Specialty Wholesale Distribution: Driving the Future of Wholesale

Website: Specialty Wholesale Distribution

Description: Specialty Wholesale Distribution specializes in manufacturing and distributing hemp-derived and non-hemp products, catering to evolving market demands.


Florida’s wholesale sector is flourishing with innovation, thanks to these remarkable startups that are revolutionizing industries, supplying essential products, and fueling economic growth. From coffee and chemicals to skincare, pet supplies, and beyond, these companies are shaping the future of wholesale in Florida. With their dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, they are solidifying the state’s position as a thriving business hub and inspiring other entrepreneurs to make their mark in the wholesale industry.

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