Fueling the Future: Pioneering Gas Stations of Farmersville, IL

July 19, 2023

Phillips 66

Categories: Gas Station

Established and renowned, Phillips 66 continues to be a steadfast choice for many. A long-standing heritage in fuel delivery, it ensures reliability to its customers.
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Jack Flash Farmersville

Categories: Convenience Store, Gas Station

A marriage of convenience and essential fuels, Jack Flash provides not just gasoline but also a range of products essential for the daily commuter or traveler.
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Shell (106 Main St)

Categories: Gas Station, Manufacturer

Shell stands as a giant in the industry, blending its global footprint with local customer-centric services. This location on Main Street is no exception.
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Freedom Oil Company

Categories: Gas Station, Convenience Store, Store, Automotive, Professional Services, Local Business

More than just a gas station, Freedom Oil Company offers a spectrum of services and products, from automotive necessities to localized business solutions.
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Shell (105 S 3rd St)

Categories: Gas Station, Manufacturer

Another pivotal location by Shell in Farmersville. Always ensuring its customers have access to top-notch fuel and services.
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Casey’s (613 1/2 S Springfield St)

Categories: Pizza Restaurant, Gas Station, Convenience Store, Delivery Services, Grocery, Fresh Ingredients, Friendly Service, Quality Fuel, Made-from-Scratch Pizza

Who said gas stations couldn’t be gourmet? Casey’s isn’t just about fueling cars, but also fueling people with delicious, made-from-scratch pizzas and a range of other offerings.
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Circle K

Categories: Convenience Store, Gas Station

A go-to destination for many on the road. Circle K combines a swift service experience with a quality shopping spree.
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Bp Station

Categories: Gas Station

BP, a century-old global enterprise, brings its expertise in energy solutions and petrochemicals right here to Farmersville, merging international standards with local needs.
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M & M Svc Co

Categories: Grocery Stores, Food Stores

This isn’t just a fuel stop. With a variety of groceries and food items on offer, M & M ensures customers leave with both their vehicles and stomachs full.
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Exxon Mobil DIVERNON

Categories: Gas Station

An esteemed name in the fuel sector, Exxon provides only the finest in terms of gasoline and customer service.
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Home Oil Co

Categories: Gas Station, Equipment, Products, Business Services, Petroleum, Petroleum Products, Local Business, Petroleum Services

A hub of energy and business solutions, Home Oil Co. remains a top choice for many, from local businesses to regular commuters.
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Shell (405 S Obannon St)

Categories: Gas Station, Manufacturer

Yet another convenient location by Shell, ensuring its widespread presence to cater to every motorist’s need.
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Raymond Shell Svc & Food Mart

Categories: Automotive Dealers, Gasoline Service Stations

A comprehensive solution for both your vehicle and your refreshment needs. Raymond Shell delivers it all.
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Auburn Travel Center

Categories: Truck stop, Truck Stops, Car Care Products, Motor Oils Supplier

Not just for the average motorist but also for the giants of the road. Auburn Travel Center offers specialized services for trucks, making long journeys smooth and hassle-free.
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Casey’s (1002 Sarpy St)

Categories: Pizza Restaurant, Gas Station, Convenience Store, Delivery Services, Grocery, Fresh Ingredients, Friendly Service, Quality Fuel, Made-from-Scratch Pizza

Reiterating its commitment to quality and service, this Casey’s location at Sarpy St continues to be a favorite pit stop for many, be it for fuel, food, or both.
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In the evolving world of energy and convenience services, Farmersville, IL stands tall with its array of choices, ensuring every resident and traveler finds exactly what they’re looking for. Whatever your needs, you’re bound to find a station that fuels both your journey and spirit.

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