Furqan Sultan: CydoMedia, a design agency that excels in building ever-lasting digital experiences for clients worldwide

January 3, 2023

CydoMedia, a design agency that excels in building ever-lasting digital experiences for clients worldwide.

We’re a team of creative scientists crafting award-winning digital experiences for customers, that converts!

Our mission is to help small businesses, and give them the market exposure they deserve with our exemplary design services.

We are committed to delivering excellence, and bringing in solutions that convert! Team CydoMedia pay attention to every minute detail to create a stellar UI, and exceptional UX. From icons to banners, and wireframes, we as a team are elevating brands through great design.

Tell us about yourself?

After completing my high school, I planned to do something amazing, something that was not like what my other school mates were doing.

I joined a company as a Sales Expert and learned how they communicate with the clients, and deliver them quality design solutions.

With the passage of time, I have learned and gained the experience to handle the complete design sales, and satisfy clients with stellar customer service.

Moreover, my communication skills helped me win in this domain, and of course some of my mentors who are the key pillars of my success today.

Anyhow, back in 2018, I along with some amazingly intellectual minded people started CydoMedia, a leading design agency to help small business owners maintain a strong digital presence.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

Everything that happens in life, teaches you something. Sometimes, it’s for the good while rarely it’s the worst.

The only advice I would give to my young self would be, “Observe more, Say less! Let your success do the talking.

Let people say whatever they want to say, because you cannot satisfy everyone. If you focus on what others say about you, you will get nowhere. However, if you focus on what you’re targeting, you will fly high”

What problem does your business solve?

CydoMedia primarily focuses on helping small, MOM businesses with their digital needs because these businesses don’t have enough budget to bear the design and development for their business.

This doesn’t mean that we’re offering cheap packages, but we’re offering customer-friendly solutions at pocket-friendly prices that will not burden their pockets.

We will customize the package according to the clients, so that is why we don’t have any pre-built package. We customize services and prices based on our clients, as we want them to feel the joy of satisfaction.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

When I was working with a leading design company, I observed that the experience those people were giving was not customer-friendly.

At that point, I decided in my mind that one day I will run a business that will connect with clients emotionally, and give them the value for their money, most importantly time!

So, my startup, CydoMedia is offering elite, and stellar design solutions that will make a client’s business shine on the web.

With stellar design layouts, and result-oriented marketing strategies, we’re planning to rule the design industry in the coming 5 years… As I strongly believe, Sky is the limit, we’re still halfway to success!

What is your magic sauce?

Umm, I won’t list anything that seems extremely fancy because this is what people usually do.

My team with a creative, intellectual, and strategic mindset always put in their utmost efforts to make the client’s project shine on the web.

So, my magic sauce is to connect with clients emotionally, and understand their pain points to come up with something that exactly maps their needs.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

Well, I have a lot of plans set for the next five years and it is extremely difficult to pen down each one of them.

However, one main goal that I am aiming to achieve is to become the fastest-growing design agency in the United States and get recognized by leading platforms such as INC and Forbes!

Moreover, I also aim to incubate sub-brands and make them achieve at least half a million MRR by the end of 2027. I know it sounds unrealistic, but I believe after every challenge, there is a roadmap to success!

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

The biggest challenge I faced so far was back in 2020, when the pandemic created drastic changes in business models.

I started my business in 2018, just after 2 years Covid-19 changed everything! However, I still think that I have learned a lot during these years.

The pandemic taught me how to collaborate with my team members remotely, and still managed to deliver the task on time; however, we rarely get the chance for a physical interaction.

The collaborative power of fighting against the norm, makes us the winner in the design industry!

We focused on offering special offers like Referral Programs that did wonders for us. Our referral programs brought us to the limelight and increased our brand value & recognition massively.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

My vision is very customer-centric as the goal of CydoMedia is to provide immense value to the end consumer.

Thus, it is very easy for customers to connect and buy-in on our vision as it supports and allows them to flourish their businesses with our top-tier design services.

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