Golston Jewelry Lead The Way out of The Cost-Quality Dilemma in Jewelry Purchase

January 11, 2022

Golston Jewelry is a jewelry company with the intention of producing aesthetic, high-quality jewels that truly bring a style update, without overextending the budget. Priding in their 4 initial “E”s – eternal design, ethical source, elaborate craftsmanship, and exquisite jewelry – as their core value, they hit jewelry lovers with fancy surprises that snag their heartstring while on the other hand break the pricy mold.

Tell us about yourself

Golston Jewelry is founded in 2004. Like many other entrepreneurs that start from scratch, during the past 18 years, we have been constantly going above and beyond, withstanding numerous financial trials before we arrive here, boasting more than 20 physical stores and a team that assembles more than 400 talents in design, craft, marketing, etc. The impact of COVID-19 gives rise to new retail, so in the year 2021, we have opened up our online business that allows a contactless means of purchase, where you can scroll for our Arctic Fox Collection for a statement look, Milan Collection for an otherworldly charm, or Muse Collection for a style update.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

You will never miss the impression from the arctic fox that figures throughout our assortment, in lively carving, silhouette, or avatar. A lovely, pure white being that symbolizes beauty, confidence, and intelligence, it is in fact what fuels our idea, not only on how we define the aesthetic of our jewelry, but also on a humanity appeal for befriending mother nature. Arctic fox dwells exclusively in the north end of the world – a beautiful land now threatens to vanish under the greenhouse impact. We never forgot how we were stunned at the popping figure on carbon and water outlet behind a fine jewel, which lends perhaps a sporadic entertain for retina, but an undisputed deprivation on the ozone layer to store the beauty of the earth. A representative of the very endangered arctic ecosystem, arctic fox is thus chosen to arouse environmental care, as well as a reminder of our very commitment to sustainability. Last but not least, it makes up the essence of Golston Jewelry, featured as a beauty touch not only for a trend statement, but also for a goodness sign, wishing you a brightened prospect with the adornment of our jewelry.

What Is Your Magic Sauce?

”Jewelry reveals its true beauty when it adds to your own charm that lasts every day. The fun never truly exists when it comes to someone else’s flatterer or as a sporadic fun before it ends up in a discarded pile.” stated our founder Jenny. By our slogan “Bring Everyday Day’s Magic”, we believe a decent jewel should cheer up every moment you put it on. Types may be different, but they are all supposed to be a second skin you hate to put off. In reality, however, customers either find the ideal type priced way above their budget, or get bored with reckless design warming up the wholesale shelves. In a word, fine jewelry has long been taken as a splurge, while the struggle never ends for something both lovely, care-free to accessorize and easy to afford, until people meet us. Here, a direct sustainable supply chain entitles us to price without any unnecessary markup, so that the price always comes the last to be concerned with at Golston. People get closer on those preferable numbers, but are truly invited with the jewelry itself. Aside from ethically sourced material that guarantees both quality and affordability, we treat our works wholeheartedly from the blueprint to the cradle, down to the smallest detail so that every piece of our assortment comes first of first an aesthetic being, a visual treat to emphasize your trait, extend your beauty and thus render an essential leap in your spiritual outlook.

Where do you see your company going in 5 years?

While the slump is on hand, an ongoing effort to contain COVID-19 is taking effect worldwide, and hopefully the year 2022 will be a turning point on a global scale. Assuming there is good news this year, the dawn would be foreseen to revive our offline business by the beginning of 2023 and we will set out to open up 10 physical stores in the next 4 years. Meanwhile, we have launched our online business in the last year, by now scoring well in overturn and customer satisfaction. However, this is but a first step before a scheduled tripled growth in online sales by the end of 2022.

Biggest setback so far

Decrease of our physical sales leads to the hardest plight for us, and it occurred with not much of a sign when the pandemic started from its creep to a major outbreak, resulting in the closedown of our stores that had taken up the primary section of our overturn.

Biggest win so far

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, we were in a constant and steady growth, from a humbled shop staffed by no more than 10 workers to a jewelry brand powered with a team of more than 400 talents. Our previous offline business has drawn us a remarkable fame, with an annual turnover of $15M on average. While the growth has come to a temporary halt, our establishment will still be there to fuel our prospect, leading to a growing and everlasting popularity.

What is the next big challenge for your business?

The past 5 years have witnessed the rise of new retail, as well as a swarm of DTC startups in our industry, bringing a melting pot casting considerable peer pressure. To withstand the competition, we never cease our improvement in product and service, As an extension of our strength in affordability and quality, we are taking lasting effort to consummate our site golstonjewelry.com into a place for more than online purchase, but also a community for jewelry lovers where they can share and learn.

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