Healthcare Innovations: Showcasing Seattle-Based Startups Revolutionizing US Healthcare Industry

January 25, 2024

The Health Care industry is among the rapidly changing industries with the increasing influence of technology on it. Innovations in data management, telehealth, and medical devices are driving significant changes in this sector. We have seen an exciting influx of startups making efforts towards these fronts, and many of these innovative healthcare companies have established their operations in Seattle, Washington. These startups have shown potential in providing solutions to existing health challenges through thoughtful solutions with promising capabilities.

Indeed, these innovative startups are transforming the healthcare industry while improving healthcare services and patient care. This article will highlight some of the most promising startup companies in Seattle’s health care industry that started from 2020, focusing on their inception, mission, and growth.

These companies, though in their early stages, have shown considerable promise by leveraging cutting-edge technology to offer innovative solutions in various healthcare areas. Here are some of the burgeoning startups to keep an eye on:


Founded by Terry Myerson, Truveta is a healthcare data platform that works collaboratively with physicians, life science researchers, and others in the health community to understand and manage healthcare data.



Starting in the healthcare sector is Joon, the world’s first teletherapy platform specifically for teens and young adults (13-24). Founded by Amy Mezulis and Josh Herst, Joon integrates live therapy sessions with a mobile app experience, tailoring a unique approach for each client.

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Tend Health Inc.

Tend’s founders – Kathleen Lendvay, Roslyn Brandon, and Thomas Lendvay have revolutionized stool sample processing, providing a unique device to process samples into capsules for therapeutic use. Apart from this, Tend also offers Personalized Gut Microbiome Analysis for patients and clinicians.



Established by Brian Chappon,Centred serves as a global platform for the provision of wellness experiences and resources to travelers all over the world.



Founded by Dave Hojah, Parrots Inc. is a medical device company that creates intuitive, smart platforms for people with mobility and communication challenges. The devices created by Parrots allow user-friendly control and smart communication in real-time through an intuitive prediction system.

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GH Labs

GH Labs is involved in assistive technologies and serves as a non-profit entity in the health care space, focusing on improving healthcare through technological advancements.


Greater Good Charities

Greater Good Charities combines charity with health and wellness as a non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care on a global scale.

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NextPhase Therapeutics

NextPhase Therapeutics is a biotechnology company making strides in the field of alternative medicine and health care.

Kuleana Technology

Kuleana Technology focuses on improving renal replacement therapies offering innovative solutions with great potential.

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Zebra Health Solutions

Zebra Health Solutions is a startup founded by Susie Kataoka that focusses on healthcare solutions and Medical devices.

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Open Treatments

Open Treatments is a non-profit organization operating in the healthcare space with a focus on therapeutics.


In conclusion, these 2020 and beyond Seattle Health Care startups are revolutionizing the industry and playing a key role in transforming health and wellness outcomes. Their innovative solutions offer immense promise for the future, and it will be fascinating to watch them grow and shape the health sector.

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