Healthcare Visionaries: Highlighting Charlotte’s Pioneering US Based Startups

January 27, 2024

While Silicon Valley has traditionally been seen as the startup capital of America, Charlotte, North Carolina is quickly making its name as a hotbed for innovative health care startups. The Queen City is well-positioned as a hub for the health care industry, with its thriving business environment, educated population, and vibrant health care scene. Startups in this sector are central to the city’s fast-growing economy, with many of them founded in 2020 or later. They are revolutionizing various sub-sectors of health care from pet care to beauty to diagnostics and beyond in unique and meaningful ways. Their technological advancements and adaptive methodologies hint at a promising future of health care in the United States.

Founded by forward-thinking entrepreneurs and backed by strategic partners and investors, these startups are driving growth and innovation by addressing gaps in the market with creative solutions. Focusing on various types of health care services, their ideas range from virtual veterinary consultations to individualized beauty solutions. With an eye on cutting-edge technology and exceptional user experience, these startups are well-positioned to make a significant impact on the industry.

As part of our ongoing series highlighting U.S. startups, we are bringing visibility to these groundbreaking Charlotte-based companies. Here’s a closer look at some of the health care startups in Charlotte, North Carolina, that have emerged since 2020.


Petfolk is a veterinary healthcare company that provides a connected community for today’s vets, pets, and pet owners. It combines telehealth with brick-and-mortar and mobile clinics. Founded by vets with decades of experience in 2020, they aim to make pet care more accessible. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Swan Beauty

Combining beauty and health care, Swan Beauty is an online beauty concierge service that provides hand-selected beauty products, including natural and cruelty-free options. Get to know them better on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Catering to businesses, schools, and labs, META Lab Dx delivers accurate COVID testing, test supplies, and expedient turnaround times. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates.


Imhealthytoday focuses on health through data-driven solutions. Know more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Cohoba provides psychedelic-assisted therapy and massage services. They advocate for mental health and the arts. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn for more details.

The Post at Providence

Specializing in elder care, The Post at Providence offers assisted living and nursing services in a residential setting. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn.

Flagship Specialty Partners

Flagship Specialty Partners provides oral and maxillofacial surgical services, allowing doctors to focus on patients instead of business operations.

TYDEi Health

TYDEi Health offers technology-driven solutions, including digital authentication of product safety and compliance, auditing trails, and more. Get to know them on LinkedIn.

Dynamic Health Carolinas

Follow Dynamic Health Carolinas on their Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more about their health care and rehabilitation services.

Advanced Pro Care Staffing Agency

Advanced Pro Care Staffing Agency is a resource for health care personnel. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.

Data-centered and analytics focused, integrates technology within the health care space. Learn more about them on LinkedIn.

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