How To Attract Customers To Car Rental?

November 30, 2022
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Today, the car rental market is gaining strength and developing. According to Globalnews, by 2022, the car rental market is estimated at $12.56 billion. Many rental companies are interested in how to develop. Let’s say your company specializes in luxury car rentals, and you have the keywords “Hire Lamborghini in Dubai” on your site, but as you might have guessed, that might not be enough. In this article, we will tell you how to attract customers to your car rental company.

First stage

At the first stage, you should perform several actions for analytics and increase conversion:

  • Install Google Analytics and set up conversion goals to measure and analyze traffic quality.
  • Embed a chat on the site, set up a pop-up invitation to a dialogue, and write an engaging welcome message.

Second stage

The next step is to set up contextual advertising in Google. Let’s take a closer look at this step:

  • Collect targeted keywords for the countries or cities you are interested in. General queries like “sports car rental” suitable for one city are not suitable for other regions – in this case, a resident of the capital is looking for a car in the capital. Therefore, for your country, you should take the keys only with reference to its specific city.
  • Based on the collected requests, we launch advertising campaigns on Google and on well-known platforms. Do not forget to follow the analytics, some advertising may be unprofitable and not bring the desired results.
  • Taking into account the fact that conversions on the site are far from being made from the first visit (usually from 4-7), we are launching retargeting campaigns in which recently viewed cars are broadcast to users.

The steps above will work.

Future plans

After the above actions, there is a high probability that you will have more than enough customers, however, it is worth drawing up a further action plan that will increase the number of applications or reduce the sale price.

  • Set up remarketing on social networks to return users who did not convert.
  • Test traffic from social networks by interests: in particular, “smart car rental in “your city””, “travel within the country “country of interest to you”, “car rental for a wedding in “the city you need””, and then, narrowing the audience by financial condition, highlight potential customers suitable for you.
  • Launch YouTube ads to the audience that was interested in car rentals and weddings in the city you need, and retarget those who were on the site, but did not leave an application.

Site structure

Your car rental company can grow a lot in a few years. It is enough to have the correct structure of the site. In order to provide a full-fledged rental service, we advise you to work out the structure of the site, the main sections and features, to unite all cities on one site, having developed the booking functionality from scratch, as a result, to get a full-fledged online rental service. It can be effortlessly done with an open-source automotive eCommerce platform.

The main blocks of the rental service:

  • Navigation menu.
  • The main task of the main menu is to reflect and make available all the important information for the client on the main page.

It represents:

  • Selecting a branch for rent. Here are the cities where you can rent a car. One of the important advantages is that your rental company may not limit the route to one city. The client can rent a car in one place and rent it in another, or even go abroad.
  • The choice of cars by category. Depending on the segment of the target audience, 8 categories of cars are available for selection from economy options to luxury brands.
  • Useful information. It contains all the necessary information about the rental conditions, promotions and discounts, useful tips and, of course, information about the company.

To sum it up, advertising is required to attract customers, so that your company is noticed, and in order to have customers and increase the number of rented cars, the site must be convenient to use.

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