How To Choose A Theme For Your Coffee Shop

February 15, 2023
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Every coffee shop, café, and restaurant has a theme. You might find it easy to spot, or it could be much more subtle, but if you take the time to really look, you’ll certainly find it. Therefore, if you’re opening up your own coffee shop, you’ll need to know what theme you want it to have. Knowing your theme makes it easier to decorate and layout, but it also makes marketing easier, as you’ll be able to determine your branding and your target market.

There are a number of things you need to think about when you’re deciding on a theme. It’s well worth taking the time to go through each different element before settling on something because once you open and have your branding and marketing – not to mention menu items – in place, it will be hard to make any major changes. Read on to find out what you need to think about when you’re coming up with a theme for your coffee shop.

Casual Or Formal?

Before you can really do anything else, you’ll need to consider whether your eatery is going to be a casual place for people to just pop in when they want to or more formal – perhaps needing a reservation. The difference between these two things will be obvious to see, and you’ll want to make it clear, especially if there is a dress code.

No matter which option you prefer, you’ll need to ensure that everything within the restaurant matches it. So you might want your team to dress more smartly (maybe with a uniform) in a formal restaurant, or perhaps the décor will be more muted and dark. The food will be different too and potentially more expensive. Plus, don’t forget about coffee background music; in a formal establishment it might be classical music, and in a more casual place, it could be pop tunes. The choice is yours as to whether you go for a formal or casual business, but you will need to make sure everything matches that tone, so no one is confused.


When you know the type of restaurant you want, you’ll then need to think about who you want to serve. This is important because it will go a long way to helping you determine exactly what your coffee shop will look like. If you want to attract a younger crowd, you might choose brighter colors, for example. If you want business people, then somewhere with plenty of outlets and a neutral tone will work well. For couples, you’ll need a more romantic atmosphere.

Think about where you are located and what the demographic is like. This will help you know who is most likely to walk by your coffee shop and be tempted inside, and in that way, you can ensure your style works for them specifically.

The Menu

Choosing a theme for your coffee shop means making sure your menu reflects that theme as far as possible. If you promise homemade goods, that’s what you’ll need to deliver. If your theme is bright and colorful, the food choices should be too.

You can even choose a particular cuisine to stick to. That could be French or Italian, for example (both countries are well-known for their coffee and their pastries). Or perhaps you’ll do something more unusual, like a British tea room or a Hawaiian-themed café. Make sure everything matches no matter what you do.

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