How To Set Up Your Own Sandblasting Business

March 3, 2023
How To Set Up Your Own Sandblasting Business

Sandblasting, commonly known as abrasive blasting, involves using a blasting hose to spray abrasive materials under high pressure to smooth these surfaces or remove materials such as paint, oxidation, or rust. A wide variety of applications require this process to clean machinery and restore surfaces, and you’ll commonly see it used in the antiquing, automotive, marine, and military industries. If you’re in the construction industry or enjoy restoration, learn how to set up your own sandblasting business and make money doing something you love.

Craft a Solid Business Plan

Having an airtight business plan doesn’t just help you figure out expenses and make a course of action; most banks will require you to have a business plan before you can secure funding. Your business plan should include start-up expenses, such as necessary equipment, and ongoing expenses, such as abrasive materials.

It should also include the name of your business, your intended marketing strategy, your desired target audience, and how much you intend to charge. That last one involves a little bit of research, so you’ll have to look into what other comparable sandblasting businesses charge in your area.

Select the Right Location

Sandblasting isn’t a mess-free process, and it requires a lot of sectioning off to make sure abrasives don’t get into the air and damage your eyes and lungs. You’ll need to select the right location depending on the size of the items you intend to strip and whether or not you’ll be a mobile business. If you intend on working with smaller items, renting a small unit with a sandblasting cabinet may be enough—larger items are where things get tricky.

It’s hard to move some items back and forth, so you may choose to go to the client instead, but this isn’t always an option. If you plan on working with things like planes, fleet vehicles, or train cars, you might want to invest in an industrial tent building. Industrial tent structures have quite a lifespan, and they’re easier to pay off than traditional buildings. This makes them the perfect option.

Apply for Permits and Licenses

Depending on the type of work you do and whether or not you choose to do dustless blasting, you’ll need a few different permits and licenses. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) have particular requirements for chemical and silica exposure. If you choose to do dustless blasting, this makes compliance much easier, as there’s no toxic dust to inhale.

Additionally, you’ll need a general contractor’s license, a sales tax permit, and an Employer Identification Number (EIN). These licenses and documents will allow you to legally run your business in your state.

Select Business Insurance

The last thing you need before you set up your own sandblasting business is insurance. If you plan on going solo, you’ll need professional liability insurance and general liability insurance to protect you from financial losses. If you plan on hiring employees, workers’ compensation insurance is non-negotiable. Ultimately, protecting yourself legally should be your priority from the get-go, and you may want to contact a start-up lawyer to help you protect yourself and your new business.

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