Innovating Iowa’s Insurance Landscape: Empowering Protection and Peace of Mind

Exploring the cutting-edge insurance startups shaping Iowa’s future


Iowa is home to a thriving insurance industry that combines traditional values with innovative solutions. In this article, we dive into the world of insurance startups in Iowa, showcasing 15 remarkable companies that are revolutionizing the way individuals and businesses protect themselves. From on-demand mobility insurance to pet insurance and financial planning, these startups are leveraging technology and customer-centric approaches to deliver tailored coverage and exceptional service. Join us as we explore the diverse offerings and forward-thinking approaches of these insurance pioneers, positioning Iowa as a hub of insurance innovation.

Virtual Assistance Tools: Growing Life Insurance Revenue with Ease

Website: N/A

Description: Virtual Assistance Tools supports independent insurance agents, agencies, banks, and broker-dealers in expanding their life insurance revenue through innovative solutions.

Property Protect: Simplifying Insurance for Enhanced Property Protection

Website: Property Protect

Description: Property Protect offers comprehensive insurance solutions, ensuring individuals and businesses have the coverage they need to safeguard their valuable assets. On-Demand Mobility Insurance for Peace of Mind


Description: is an on-demand mobility insurance broker, providing coverage for individuals renting vehicles, offering convenience and protection during their travels.

The Accel Group: Trusted Advisor for Individual, Business, and AgriBusiness Solutions

Website: The Accel Group

Description: The Accel Group serves as a trusted advisor, offering comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to individuals, businesses, and the unique needs of the agricultural industry.

TrustedPals: Protecting Beloved Pets with Comprehensive Pet Insurance

Website: TrustedPals

Description: TrustedPals provides pet insurance services, ensuring pet owners have access to affordable and reliable coverage for their furry companions.

Guardian Product Solutions: Designing Innovative Insurance and Financial Service Products

Website: Guardian Product Solutions

Description: Guardian Product Solutions (GPS) specializes in the design and implementation of insurance and financial service product solutions, helping businesses offer innovative and competitive offerings.

Boersma Insurance Services: Personalized Insurance Solutions for Individuals and Businesses

Website: Boersma Insurance Services

Description: Boersma Insurance Services provides personalized insurance solutions for both personal and commercial needs, ensuring comprehensive coverage and peace of mind.

Main Street Investments: Holistic Insurance, M&A, and Risk Management Services

Website: Main Street Investments

Description: Main Street Investments offers a comprehensive range of insurance services, including commercial and personal insurance, mergers and acquisitions support, and risk management solutions.

The Paladin Group: Personal, Business, and Commercial Auto Insurance Services

Website: The Paladin Group

Description: The Paladin Group is an insurance agency specializing in personal, business, and commercial auto insurance services, providing tailored coverage to meet diverse needs.

The Claims Bridge: Streamlining International Insurance and Reinsurance Financial Services

Website: The Claims Bridge

Description: The Claims Bridge offers financial services related to international insurance and reinsurance, bridging the gap between insurers and claimants with innovative solutions.

Ratcliff & Blake: Comprehensive Insurance Solutions for Various Industries

Website: Ratcliff & Blake

Description: Ratcliff & Blake offers a wide range of insurance products and services, including commercial, auto, life, health, home, aviation, and personal coverage to protect individuals and businesses.

Hylland Capital Management: Financial Planning and Investment Advisor Services

Website: Hylland Capital Management

Description: Hylland Capital Management provides expert financial planning and investment advisor services, guiding individuals and businesses towards their financial goals.

Faster Insurance: Specialized Insurance Broker for Trucking Companies and Drivers

Website: Faster Insurance

Description: Faster Insurance specializes in working with trucking companies and their drivers, offering customized insurance solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Virtual Insurance Tools: Empowering Independent Agents with Life Insurance Revenue Growth

Website: Virtual Insurance Tools

Description: Virtual Insurance Tools supports independent insurance agents, agencies, banks, and broker-dealers in driving new life insurance revenue through innovative tools and resources.

Allstate Insurance Agent: Testino Agency Inc.: Life Insurance Expertise in Ankeny, IA

Website: Allstate Insurance Agent: Testino Agency Inc.

Description: The Testino Agency Inc. is an Allstate Insurance agent specializing in life insurance services in Ankeny, Iowa, providing tailored coverage and exceptional customer service.


Iowa’s insurance industry is alive with innovation and dedication to protecting individuals, businesses, and their valuable assets. These 15 insurance startups are at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge coverage and exceptional service to meet the diverse needs of Iowans. From on-demand mobility insurance to pet insurance and comprehensive business solutions, these companies are reshaping the insurance landscape in Iowa and setting the stage for continued innovation and growth. As Iowa’s startup ecosystem continues to thrive, these insurance pioneers are leading the way in providing peace of mind and ensuring a secure future for individuals and businesses across the state.

Written by Mobb

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