Innovation Hub: Exploring 15 Cutting-Edge Software Startups in Jacksonville, Florida

Journey into Jacksonville’s Thriving Software Ecosystem


Jacksonville, Florida, is not only a vibrant coastal city but also a burgeoning hub for technological innovation, particularly in the realm of software development. Home to a diverse array of startups, Jacksonville’s software companies are revolutionizing industries with their groundbreaking solutions. From data analytics and financial platforms to social networks and smart technologies, these 15 startups are redefining the boundaries of software innovation. In this article, we delve into Jacksonville’s software landscape and highlight the best and brightest startups that are shaping the city’s technological future.

Urban SDK: Transforming Data into Intelligence for Smart Cities 🏙️

Urban SDK provides data analytics and visualization software that empowers cities to make data-driven decisions. W:

Azimuth GRC: Pioneering Regulatory Technology Solutions 🔍

Azimuth GRC develops innovative software solutions that streamline regulatory compliance processes. W:

Paywallet: Revolutionizing Payroll-Based Financial Transactions 💼

Paywallet’s Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) platform enables seamless payroll-based financial transactions. W:

Hazlnut: Empowering Restaurants with Seamless Solutions 🍔

Hazlnut integrates mobile ordering, loyalty, and push marketing for small to medium restaurants. W:

Rito: The Social Network for Retail Professionals 🛍️

Rito connects retail professionals through its unique social networking platform.

Nyoobe: Revolutionizing Social Selling with Uber-like Approach 🚘

Nyoobe offers a social selling platform akin to Uber’s innovative model.

Revalize: Elevating Digital Experiences through Industry-Specific Software Solutions ✨ Revalize powers businesses with industry-specific software solutions, enhancing digital experiences for customers. W:

Polar Controller: Smart Technology for Predictive Analysis ❄️

Polar Controller’s data-driven technology monitors refrigeration and HVAC equipment, providing predictive analysis. W:

Dock 365 Inc.: Modernizing Contract Management with Microsoft 365 📄

Dock 365 offers a modern contract management software powered by Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. W:

OpenALPR: Automatic Number-Plate Recognition at Its Finest 🚗

OpenALPR is an automatic number-plate recognition library, advancing traffic and security solutions. W:

Proof+Geist: Unleashing the Power of Claris FileMaker 📚

Proof+Geist offers Claris FileMaker consulting, design, and development services, enhancing software capabilities. W:

Signal Genesys: Cloud-Based SEO Software for Enhanced Performance 🔍

Signal Genesys offers cloud-based SaaS SEO software with white label capabilities. W:

4thID: Streamlining Operations and Elevating Customer Experience 🏢

4thID’s software platform helps businesses optimize operations and deliver an exceptional customer experience. W:

LionMaker: Simplifying with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) 🦁

LionMaker offers a range of SaaS solutions to cater to diverse business needs. W:

nRollTech: Empowering Businesses with Technology and Customer Service 📊

nRollTech provides technology and exceptional customer service for data feeds, power platforms, and ACA reporting. W:


Jacksonville, Florida, is undoubtedly an innovation hotspot, and its software startups are at the forefront of transforming industries and creating a more connected and efficient world. With groundbreaking technologies, seamless solutions, and a focus on enhancing customer experiences, these 15 software startups exemplify the city’s commitment to shaping the future of technology. As they continue to expand and innovate, Jacksonville’s software ecosystem is set to become a powerful force in the global tech landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the industries they serve.

Written by Mobb

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