Landscaping Wonders of Farmville, VA: From Greenhouses to Lawns

August 26, 2023

1. American Soldier Lawncare

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Categories: Landscape Company, Tree Cutting Service, Tree service

A company that stands true to its name, offering unparalleled services ranging from landscaping to tree services.

2. Jones’ Lawn Care

Categories: Business Service, Landscape Company, Lawn care service, Business Services

Jones’ Lawn Care has made a mark in the landscaping sector of Farmville with its unique combination of business and lawn care services.

3. b & m Greenhouse Incorporated

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Categories: From Garden Centers to Shopping & Retail

With a diverse range of services, b & m Greenhouse Incorporated is the one-stop solution for all gardening and landscaping needs in Farmville.

4. Greenworks Lawn and Landscaping

Categories: Landscape Company

A name synonymous with landscaping excellence, Greenworks offers tailored solutions to make every green space stand out.

5. Appomattox River Landscapes

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Categories: Landscapers

Situated near the iconic Appomattox River, this company embodies the essence of Farmville’s scenic beauty through its landscaping work.

6. Manis Mowing Services

Categories: Landscaper

Manis Mowing Services specializes in providing top-notch landscaping services that ensure your lawns are always in pristine condition.

7. Atkins Tree Svc

Categories: Agricultural Services, Tree Service, Ornamental Shrubs

For those who value aesthetics as much as functionality, Atkins Tree Service delivers on both fronts.

8. Reeds Professional Landscape

Categories: Agricultural Services, Landscapers, Landscape Planning, Landscape Counseling

A blend of artistry and professionalism, Reeds offers a holistic approach to landscaping, from planning to execution.

9. Paterson Tree Service

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Categories: Tree service, Landscape Company

Paterson Tree Service extends its expertise not just in tree services but in holistic landscaping, ensuring every space looks its best.

10. Timberlane Tree and Landscaping Service

Categories: Landscaper, Stump Removal Service, Landscape Company

From tree removals to landscaping, Timberlane is equipped with the skills and machinery to take on any green challenge.

11. Sunny Grove Services

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Categories: Landscaper

Sunny Grove Services adds a touch of sunlight to every project they undertake, ensuring landscapes are as radiant as they are functional.

12. TerraTech Inc

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Categories: Landscaper, Landscapers, Construction Company

Blending construction and landscaping, TerraTech offers comprehensive solutions to transform any outdoor space into a piece of art.

Farmville, VA, with its scenic beauty and rich history, is complemented by these landscaping gems. Each company offers unique services, ensuring Farmville remains as green and beautiful as ever. Whether you’re seeking tree services, lawn care, or complete landscaping solutions, the heart of Virginia has got you covered.

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