Leading LA-Based Legal Startups Revolutionizing the US Industry

January 28, 2024

Los Angeles has long been known as the global hub of the entertainment industry. Still, it’s also an increasingly fertile ground for innovative startups in the legal industry. A number of cutting edge legal tech startups have sprouted in recent years, changing the game demonstrating the extraordinary potential of the sector. From intellectual property consulting and legal advice applications to AI-driven platforms, these new companies are revolutionizing the way clients access and use legal services.

In this series, we delve into LA’s legal tech startups founded in 2020 or later. We look at how they use technology to forge new ways of providing legal services or assistance. We also explore how these startups are tackling industry challenges to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of law practices, making legal processes seamless for both legal professionals and their clients.

We’ve handpicked the most promising legal startups offering innovative solutions in the legal industry. Here are eleven legal tech startup companies headquartered in Los Angeles that you should definitely be watching.


MarqVision operates in the B2B, Intellectual Property, and Legal Tech industries, offering services that focus primarily on protecting brand reputation across digital platforms. The startup, founded by Mark (Insup) Lee, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to detect any unauthorized uses of intellectual property, making it a worthy addition to a company’s legal tech stack. You can learn more about MarqVision on their LinkedIn page.

People Clerk

Founded by Camila Lopez and Gustavo Lozano, People Clerk operates in the consumer applications legal tech industry. They have dedicated their startup to guiding individuals without an attorney through the bureaucratic California small claims process. This startup is changing the way small claims disputes are handled by leveraging technology to simplify and streamline the process. You’ll find more information about People Clerk on their LinkedIn page and Facebook Page .


HyperDraft was founded by Jace Lynch and Tony Thai. They develop AI-powered tools for legal teams to generate and analyze legal documents, eliminating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows. Their offerings include document generation, built-in analysis, and in-app editing. For more information on their products, check out their LinkedIn page.

ProSe Claims

ProSe Claims provides free resources connecting people to affordable legal solutions. They use a directory of virtual legal services with an easy-to-use search engine to help consumers settle claims faster. More about ProSe Claims can be found on their LinkedIn page.


TittmannWeix operates in legal advice and consulting services industry. They help their clients navigate the complexities of legal issues with expert advice and consultation services. You can follow TittmannWeix on Twitter at @TittmannWeix and learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Civil + Human Rights and Equity Department

This non-profit startup operates in the Law Enforcement and Legal sectors. Their primary focus is to rid bias and injustices while leveling the playing field through community engagement and upward mobility programming. Learn more about them at LinkedIn and Facebook or follow them on Twitter at @lacivilrights.


Engaging in Legal, Non-Profit, Politics, and Social Impact sectors, Uproot is focused on making a positive impact at the intersection of legal and social issues. Learn more about Uproot on their LinkedIn page and Facebook page or follow them on Twitter at @uproot_co.

Trademark Funnel

Trademark Funnel specializes in helping clients register their business, company name, logos, phrases, or slogans for trademark protection. They offer a comprehensive trademark and copyright registration processing service. Check out their LinkedIn page or follow them on Twitter at @TrademarkFunnel.

SMB Legal

SMB Legal provides a self-help solution for small businesses to automate and streamline their operations and avoid legal pitfalls. By leveraging the cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, SMB Legal aims to democratize access to legal software and contract management tools for small businesses.


e-gree was founded by Araz Mamet, Ilya Flaks, Keith Fraser, and Natalia Vodianova. This startup aims to change the way people navigate the legal system by allowing them to create personalized written agreements quickly and easily. You can learn more about e-gree on their Facebook page and LinkedIn page.

Rōshi Group

Founded by Edward Dean, Jascha Wanger, and Kevin Calloway, the Rōshi Group is revolutionizing the Information Technology, Legal Tech, and Software industries. They are known for developing groundbreaking solutions that are neither tedious nor intimidating. You can read more about the Rōshi Group on their LinkedIn page or follow them on Twitter at @roshigroup.

From small claims concierge to AI-powered document generation, these startups are revolutionizing the way we think about and use legal services. The extraordinary potential of these LA-based legal tech startups is testament to the fast-paced evolution of the legal industry, driven by the intelligent fusion of law and technology.

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