Leading New York Product Design Startups Pioneering the US Market

January 27, 2024

Despite the ongoing economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, several startup companies have continued to thrive in New York in the field of product design. These enterprises have been able to leverage their unique strengths to keep innovating and driving growth while navigating the challenges presented by the pandemic. The startups profiled below represent some of the leading examples of this spirited entrepreneurial effort.

Product Design is a field that combines various aspects of concept design, manufacturing, and marketing. Designers must consider aesthetic appeal, functionality, and user-friendly aspects of each product design. The role of startups in this field is significant, given they often provide fresh perspectives and novel solutions. As importantly, the startups we highlight are all started in 2020 or later, showcasing the resilience, innovation, and courage of their founders in times of global uncertainty.

These startups are using cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies to develop new products and create market opportunities in various industries, from document management to 3D technology and digital entertainment. Here, we present these companies in more detail – their aims, their approaches, and where you can find them:


Founded by Adam Christ and Tom Giannattasio, Clover has revolutionized the process of note-taking, brainstorming, mind-mapping, and task management by turning linear documents into an infinite surface. As part of the Document Management, Information Technology, Product Design, and Software industry, they provide a more visual and intuitive way of managing tasks. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn profile and follow them on @cloverappco on Twitter.


Operating in the diverse fields that include 3D Technology, Art, Digital Entertainment, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Media and Entertainment, Performing Arts, and Product Design, Paiksaehyun brings a unique blend of art and technology to their products. Founded by Saehyun Paik, they specialize in all aspects of art and media. Get to know more about them on LinkedIn, or follow them on Facebook.


ImpactProduct has carved its niche in the Analytics, Information Technology, Product Design, and Product Management industry. While the founders’ details are not available, their contribution in providing valuable services is evident. Follow them on LinkedIn for regular updates.


Founded by Hannah Ryu and Veronica Shelton, OAK THEORY provides innovative solutions to brands, products, and experience logging in the Advertising, Brand Marketing, Creative Agency, E-Commerce, Product Design, Web Design, and Web Development industry. Using their colorful perspectives and innovative approaches, they drive business growth through creative problem-solving and agile development. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


EvolveBPM operates in the B2B, Product Design, and Sales industry, providing a robust solution to email, telemarketing, webinars, and display ad services. They offer design developments, implementations, services, and more. Stay updated with them on Twitter, Facebook, or their LinkedIn profile.

Religion Studio

Founded by Pete Spano and located in New York City, Religion Studio is a brand and product strategy, design, and development studio in the Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, and Product Design industry. Find out more about them on LinkedIn or follow them on Facebook.

Finxis LLC

Finxis LLC operates in the Business Development, Financial Services, Management Consulting, Market Research, Product Design, and Venture Capital industry. They are a technology-focused boutique consulting firm that provides management consulting, research, analytics & product development expertise. Learn more about them on LinkedIn.


Sumpixel, co-founded by Nick Etemadipour, and Noah Hanover, connects businesses with top designers in their area by assessing potential employees through their proprietary evaluation process. Operating in the Product Design, Recruiting, Software, UX Design, Web Design industry, they help find the right fit for businesses. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or learn more about them on LinkedIn.

Industry Pioneer

Located on the West 57th Street block of Midtown Manhattan, Industry Pioneer is an engineering and innovation firm that focuses on creating massively valuable companies, starting with building minimum viable products. They operate in the Market Research, Product Design, and Software Engineering industry. Stay connected with them on Facebook or learn more about them on LinkedIn.


Standards, founded by Hamish Smyth, is making breakthroughs in the Graphic Design, Product Design, and Software industry by developing the most advanced tool to design and publish brand guidelines online. Learn more about them on their website or follow them on Twitter.


As a designer and manufacturer of handbags, ready-to-wear and outerwear, WE-AR4 operates in the E-Commerce, Fashion, Manufacturing, Product Design, and Textiles industry. Their customers connect them through email, mobile, and online applications. Stay updated with their work on Facebook or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Their determination and commitment to creating innovative and robust product designs, coupled with the proactive use of cutting-edge technologies, prove these startups’ indispensability in a dynamic market. Here’s to New York’s thriving startup scene and all the 2020-born companies pushing boundaries in Product Design.

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