McLean’s Tech Pioneers: Unveiling the IT Innovators of Virginia

Exploring the Dynamic IT Landscape of McLean, Virginia
December 2, 2023

McLean, Virginia, a hub for technological innovation and enterprise, is home to a diverse array of Information Technology companies that are shaping the future of the industry. This article showcases 15 remarkable IT companies in McLean, each contributing uniquely to the tech ecosystem.



Configure8 stands out as an internal developer portal that integrates crucial information across various tools, clouds, and teams, streamlining development processes and enhancing team collaboration.

Higher Digital


Higher Digital specializes in digital products and organizational execution, offering strategic and transformational consulting services that drive digital innovation.

BF Rio Holdings

BF Rio Holdings, although lacking an online presence, is noted for its technology-based solutions, contributing significantly to the IT industry in McLean.



MOXFIVE offers expert technical advisory services aimed at minimizing the business impacts of cyberattacks, safeguarding organizations in an era of increasing digital threats.



Clarusway is an innovative coding bootcamp, providing both in-person and online training, equipping aspiring tech professionals with essential coding skills.



Mybliss introduces a modular, scalable, and secure wellness platform, focusing on human care and integrating wellness into digital environments.

Groundswell Consulting Group


Groundswell Consulting Group excels in delivering business process management solutions, leveraging its expertise in IT consultancy to optimize business operations.

Main Digital


Main Digital offers a range of IT services including intelligent automation, AI, project management, and digital optimization, driving digital transformation across industries.



MeetNotes revolutionizes meeting management with tools for agenda creation, action item tracking, and automated follow-ups, enhancing productivity in workplace meetings.

FuseLab Creative


FuseLab Creative leads in digital transformation, providing innovative designs and strategies to transform business operations digitally.



StepApp is a self-improvement mobile application that utilizes behavioral and data science to help users achieve their goals through insightful, data-driven guidance.

Twinn Intelligence Group


Twinn Intelligence Group specializes in network security, software development, and information governance, providing crucial services in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Online Owls


Online Owls offers immediate, reliable, and affordable tech support services, both on-site and remotely, catering to a wide range of technical needs.



Advution excels in custom software development, offering tailored IT solutions to meet the unique needs of its clients.

SFCompany, Inc.


SFCompany, Inc. blends branding, marketing, consulting, and tech design, providing comprehensive services for IT businesses seeking to elevate their brand presence and operational efficiency.

These companies, with their varied and innovative approaches, are not just transforming the IT landscape in McLean but are also contributing significantly to the global tech narrative. Each company, with its unique expertise, is a testament to McLean’s growing reputation as a cradle of tech innovation.

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