Minnesota’s Consulting Mavericks: Powering Innovation and Growth

Discover the Top 15 Consulting Firms Transforming the Landscape in Minnesota
December 2, 2023

Data-Driven Leadership: The Rejuvi Venture, Inc.

Bringing innovation to leadership development through technology and data insights, The Rejuvi Venture, Inc. is a standout in the consulting landscape. Their SaaS platform provides leader insight and organization intelligence, reshaping how companies view leadership.

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Pioneering Healthcare Consulting: YourPath

YourPath’s unique approach to tackling substance use issues through medication-assisted treatment and counseling services has positioned them as leaders in healthcare consulting.

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Revolutionizing Restaurant Industry: Pretsl

Pretsl stands out for offering comprehensive tech, menu, and marketing support, tailored specifically for the restaurant industry’s dynamic needs.

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Cloud Conversion Experts: FourTENS

FourTENS specializes in cloud conversions and a range of professional services, helping businesses transition smoothly to virtual and managed infrastructure.

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IT Architecture Innovators: KNZ Solutions

As an IT VAR and consulting firm, KNZ Solutions is reshaping datacenter architecture, driving forward modern IT solutions.

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Human Capital Management Redefined: Flyte HCM

Flyte HCM offers a comprehensive suite of administration and HR services, including strategic benefits and COBRA processing, setting new benchmarks in HCM.

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IT Talent and Solutions: ValueBase Consulting

ValueBase Consulting stands out in IT recruiting and placement solutions, bridging the gap between talent and technology.

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Advocates for Fair Healthcare: Athos Health

Athos Health is pioneering in healthcare consulting, advocating for fair payment systems and streamlining billing processes for patients.

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Employee Benefits Specialists: 121 Benefits

121 Benefits brings a focused expertise in employee benefits, offering tailored solutions for organizations.

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Engineering Consultancy Pioneers: JBW Consulting Engineers

In the realms of industrial, energy, and infrastructure, JBW Consulting Engineers offers top-notch consulting engineering services.

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Strategic Investment Experts: Gather Venture Group

Gather Venture Group, although without a website, is known for its commitment to providing capital, strategy, and planning to burgeoning companies.

Facilitation and Growth Catalysts: GrowthWorks

GrowthWorks excels in facilitation, training, and consulting, driving growth and development in various organizations.

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IT Consulting Trailblazers: Keyva

Keyva brings a fresh perspective to IT consulting, offering innovative and custom solutions for diverse IT challenges.

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Managed Solutions Innovators: Elign Consulting

Elign Consulting is renowned for its consulting services and managed solutions, catering to a wide range of organizational needs.

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Accelerating Agri-food Solutions: MBOLD

As a non-profit, MBOLD drives innovation in food and agriculture, supporting entrepreneurs and innovators in these critical sectors.


Minnesota’s consulting scene is vibrant and diverse, with these 15 companies leading the way in driving innovation, growth, and transformation across various industries. From tech to healthcare, and from human resources to engineering, these firms exemplify the spirit of progress and expertise.

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