Navigating Bridgeport’s Financial Landscape: Top Financial Planners of the City

July 26, 2023

Bankers Life

Categories: Insurance Agency, Life Insurance Agency, Long Term Care Insurance Agency, Financial Planner, and more.
With a remarkable legacy that began in 1879, Bankers Life stands out for its specialty in insurance products tailored for those approaching or in retirement. Their deep-rooted commitment to local communities and client’s financial futures places them at the forefront of financial planning in Bridgeport.
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Allstate Personal Financial Representative: Janice Flanagan

Categories: Financial Planner, Investment Service, Life Insurance, IRA, Retirement Planning, and more.
Janice Flanagan, under the renowned Allstate banner, brings a comprehensive suite of financial services to Bridgeport.
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Peak Wealth Management

Categories: Financial Planner, Insurance Agent, Investing Service.
Peak Wealth Management caters to the financial and investment needs of Bridgeport’s residents with diligence and expertise.
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Ameriprise Financial

Categories: Financial planner, Financial Services, Financial Advisors, Core Advisor.
A leading name in financial planning, Ameriprise’s sound advice is a testament to their commitment to customer’s retirement and investment goals.
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Northwestern Mutual – Bridgeport, WV

Categories: Insurance company, Financial Service, Investment Management Company, Financial planner.
Offering a diversified range of financial solutions, Northwestern Mutual is synonymous with trust and expertise in Bridgeport.
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Axa Advisors

Categories: Financial planner.
AXA Advisors continues to build its reputation on tailored financial advice and solutions that matter.

Ben Hall – Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC

Categories: Financial Planning, Investment Service, Insurance, Retirement Planning Strategies, and more.
Ben Hall’s client-centric approach, combined with Ameriprise’s robust framework, promises a roadmap to financial stability and growth.
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WesBanco Bank

Categories: Bank, Mortgage Lender, Investment Service, Credit Cards, Wealth Management, and more.
Founded in 1870, WesBanco amalgamates technology and personalized service, ensuring a holistic banking experience for its clients.
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Matthew Williams – Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC

Categories: Financial Planning, Investment Service, Insurance, Tax Planning Strategies, and more.
Matthew Williams, backed by Ameriprise, is a beacon of financial guidance and support in the ever-evolving markets.
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Sherald Hill – Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC

Categories: Financial Planning, Financial Consultant, Investment Management, Retirement Planning Strategies.
For those searching for strategic financial planning in Bridgeport, Sherald Hill stands out with his vast experience and client commitment.
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Good Life Financial Advisors of West Virginia

Categories: Financial Service, Financial consultant.
Good Life Financial Advisors bring to the table a blend of expertise and tailored solutions that resonate with West Virginia’s financial aspirations.
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One Stop Tax & Business Services LLC

Categories: Accountant, Financial Consultant, Tax Preparation Service.
For comprehensive tax solutions and financial consultancy, One Stop Tax & Business Services is a trusted name in Bridgeport.
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Merrill Lynch

Categories: Security Services, Financial Consultant, Commodity Brokers, Securities Brokers.
Merrill Lynch, a global leader in financial services, provides Bridgeport’s residents with unparalleled investment advice and solutions.
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Nationwide Michael Tomes

Categories: Insurance Agents.
Michael Tomes, representing Nationwide, ensures the residents of Bridgeport are well-insured against life’s unpredictabilities.
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This overview showcases just a glimpse of Bridgeport’s thriving financial landscape. Each institution, with its unique offerings and profound commitment to clients, ensures that the city’s residents are well-equipped for their financial futures.

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