Navigating LA’s Pioneering Food and Beverage Industry Startup Innovations

January 27, 2024


Los Angeles, California, an international mega city known for its vibrant culture, diverse population, and dynamic business environment has become an exciting hotspot for Food and Beverage startups. The combination of the city’s culture and the changing consumer preferences have led to the birth of forward-thinking, innovative food and beverage firms. These startups offering creative solutions, leveraging technology, and redefining traditional business models, have found fertile ground in the City of Angels. From plant-based nutrition bars to AI-infused restaurant platforms, startups in LA’s food and beverage sector are continuously breaking new grounds.

In this piece, we aim to spotlight some of the noteworthy LA-based food and beverage startups founded in 2020 and later, showcasing their products, missions, and founders. They offer a fascinating glimpse into the future trends and prospects of the US food and beverage industry. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

With an eye on sustainability, dietary needs, and a discerning market drive towards healthier product alternatives, these startups have managed to successfully launch amidst a challenging global pandemic. They effectively demonstrate the flexibility, dynamism, and entrepreneurial spirit that marks LA as an attractive hub for food and beverage-based businesses.


Startup Belliwelli, co-founded by Katie Wilson and Nick Wilson in 2020, offers gut-friendly, plant-based snack bars that target people with IBS. Their delicious, gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sugar and certified low-FODMAP bars aim to provide a healthier alternative to regular snack options. LinkedIn Page

Better Brand

Co-founded by Aimee Yang, Better Brand is a food tech startup that aims to innovate the multi-trillion-dollar refined carb industry using proprietary formulations, tech-enabled processes and real, clean ingredients.

Deux Foods

Deux Foods, founded by Sabeena Ladha, is a delightful functional cookie dough startup. LinkedIn Page


Sauce, co-founded by Colin Webb, is an innovative restaurant tool designed to boost sales on online platforms. Their platform analyzes delivery orders and market data to help restaurants improve profits and increase delivery revenue. Facebook Page. LinkedIn Page

De La Calle

Created by Alex Matthews, De La Calle is a company that produces low sugar, high vitamin probiotic beverages derived from certified organic pineapples. These fermented beverages draw inspiration from pre-Colombian Mexican traditions. LinkedIn Page


Fishwife is a food company started in 2020 that aims to make premium, ethically sourced tinned seafood a cupboard staple. Becca Millstein co-founded the brand, which is based in Sunny, California. LinkedIn Page

Currant 3D

Currant 3D is a 3D food manufacturing service provider that offers design, printing, and distribution of 3D printed food services. LinkedIn Page

Alokino Gelato

Co-founded by Carlo Santarelli, Elsa Assouline, Michele Bartyan, and Riccardo Pozzoli, Alokino Gelato brings a taste of Italy to Los Angeles. LinkedIn Page

Supply Change Capital

Firm Supply Change Capital, co-founded by Noramay Cadena and Shayna Harris, is an early-stage venture capital firm investing at the intersection of food, culture, and technology. The firm merges food domain expertise with tech and investment experience. LinkedIn Page


Chilk is a plant-based boba milk-tea beverage company that excels in making vegan, simple, delicious food & drink products. LinkedIn Page

Rooted Fare

Startup Rooted Fare, co-founded by Ashley Xie and Hedy Yu, stands out with their unique offerings. Facebook Page. LinkedIn Page


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