Orlando’s Rising Software Startups Showcasing American Technological Innovations

January 28, 2024


In the wake of the 2020 global pandemic, many innovative startups sprouted up. Although hit hard, the software industry demonstrated its strong resilience, not just sustaining but even thriving through the period. In this article, we look at some startups that emerged during or after 2020, focusing on those based in Orlando, Florida. These startups, spanning various sectors within the software industry, epitomize the city’s vibrant tech entrepreneurship scene.

Geographically known for its world-renowned attractions and warm climate, Orlando has now become a hotbed for technological advancements. Startups here are leveraging the benefits of the city’s growing tech ecosystem, which encompasses a supportive government, numerous accelerators and incubators, and a rich pool of tech talent. Moreover, these startups are showing how they can turn adverse circumstances into opportunities for innovation.

While the pandemic has put many sectors into deep slumber, it has awakened the potential of the software industry, particularly in areas such as blockchain, fintech, SaaS, digital marketing, cybersecurity, and more. The startups we highlight below represent these sectors, underscoring the diversity and potential of Orlando’s software industry.


Founded by Ron Moses, Paynuity operates across a range of sectors including Credit Cards, Cryptocurrency, Debit Cards, FinTech, Mobile Payments, Payments, Software, and Transaction Processing. The company is rapidly becoming a global leader in payment clearing and digital transaction processing services, offering a fully-integrated suite of secure payment services.


Cultivateai is a cloud-based system that simplifies data management in the Agricultural sector. With over 15 years of experience in Precision Ag data, Cultivateai can turn complex data into valuable insights, aiding intelligent, informed, and strategic decisions.


Founded by Parth Patel, Growception is an IT solutions provider offering Digital Marketing, Website Design, and IT services. With their strong commitment to delivering beyond expectations, Growception guarantees growth-oriented results and responses for businesses.


Cryptoknight operates in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and software industry, contributing to the increasing adoption and recognition of cryptocurrency in the global financial landscape.

Orion Black

Founded by Alexander Pavlovcik and Dawson Allen, Orion Black operates in the advertising, marketing, sales, and software industry, driving innovative digital marketing solutions for businesses.


Founded by Bradley Denn, Havik is an information technology, software, and training company providing top-notch IT solutions and tech training services.

Comston Technologies

Comston Technologies specializes in app and web development. They have a strong foothold in the app and software market while delivering top-grade web development services.


Nighthawk offers cybersecurity, information technology, network security, and software engineering solutions, making the internet a safer place for businesses and users.


IATOCS provides software maintenance and support services. Through services like mobile app development, app updates, rebranding, and technology consulting, IATOCS ensures seamless digital experiences.

Frontliner Partners

Frontliner Partners specializes in providing software and technology solutions to the banking industry, enhancing functionality and user experience.


Cogency provides online video conferencing systems, offering high-definition audio and video, 256-bit end-to-end encryption, and capabilities for unlimited participation, meeting, talking, and screen sharing.

Orlando’s software industry startups have demonstrated remarkable resilience amid adversity while remaining future-focused. With innovation at their core, these startups continue to redefine the future of this ever-changing industry.

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