Pioneering Medical Practices in Bridgeville, PA

A Comprehensive Insight into the Finest Healthcare Institutions in the Heart of Pennsylvania

1. Brian Davies, MD

Brian Davies’ Official Website

With a specialization in general pediatric care, Dr. Brian P. Davies boasts a clinical interest that covers a vast range including adolescent medicine, wellness exams, and preventative health. A proud alumnus of Princeton University and University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Dr. Davies serves the young patients of Bridgeville with compassion and dedication.

Categories: Pediatrician, Doctor

2. Chartiers Valley Medical Ctr

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An establishment offering extensive health services for the community of Bridgeville.

Categories: Medical center, Doctors, Health Services, Clinics of Medical Doctors, Offices of Medical Doctors

3. Preferred Primary Care Physicians

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Dedicated to primary care, ensuring the community gets the best possible initial consultation and care.

Categories: Doctor, Doctors

4. Beerel Medical Llc

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A medical practice with expertise in internal medicine, serving the community with a team of proficient internists and surgeons.

Categories: Internist, Surgeons, Doctors, Physicians, Local Business, Internal Medicine Doctors

5. Magnolia Networks

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Providing specialized care, Magnolia Networks offers treatments for addictions, helping countless individuals reclaim their lives.

Categories: Doctor, Addiction treatment center

6. Bridgeville Podiatry

A hub for foot and ankle care, Bridgeville Podiatry ensures patients are back on their feet in no time.

Categories: Podiatrist, Physicians, Surgeons, Doctors, Foot & Ankle Surgery & Surgeons, Physicians & Surgeons, Physicians & Surgeons Surgery-General, Physicians & Surgeons Podiatrists

7. Pittsburgh Hyperbarics

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Serving as both a medical center and supply store, Pittsburgh Hyperbarics stands out with its unique offerings.

Categories: Medical Center, Doctor, Medical Service, Medical supply store

8. Lori Cherup, MD- Radiance Plastic Surgery

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Situated in a prime location, Radiance Surgery Center offers an array of aesthetic procedures by highly skilled professionals.

Categories: Plastic Surgery, Doctor, Surgery Center, Plastic surgeon

9. Lunn Chiropractic Co.

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Specializing in chiropractic care, Lunn Chiropractic Co. focuses on holistic wellness through spinal adjustments and treatments.

Categories: Doctor, Chiropractor

10. V Steven Franz DDS

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A trusted dental clinic in Bridgeville, offering a wide range of oral health services.

Categories: Doctor, Dentist, General Dentist, Doctors, Health Services, Offices of Dentists, Dental Clinics

11. Hopkins Chiropractic

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A family medicine practice that also specializes in chiropractic care, ensuring patients’ overall well-being.

Categories: Doctor, Chiropractor, Doctors, Health Services, Local Business, Offices of Chiropractors, Chiropractic Clinic, Family Medicine Practice

12. Ream Kirsten L Dds

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Providing top-tier dental services, ensuring bright smiles for the Bridgeville community.

Categories: Doctor, Dentist, General Dentist, Doctors

13. Fatigati & Nalin Assoc

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A team of doctors and internists providing comprehensive care for a range of medical conditions.

Categories: Doctor, Doctors, Internist

14. Pain and Spine Specialists of Pennsylvania – Bridgeville

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A holistic approach to pain management and alternative medicine, guiding patients towards a pain-free life.

Categories: Pain Management, Alternative Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Biofeedback Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, Doctor, General Practitioner

15. Paul F. Kohler, DC

Official Website

With a focus on spinal health, Dr. Kohler offers top-tier chiropractic care for the residents of Bridgeville.

Categories: Doctor

In Bridgeville, PA, the diversity in healthcare offerings ensures that residents have access to top-notch care for various ailments. From pediatric care to podiatry and chiropractic services, the medical practices in this town are truly noteworthy.

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