Pioneering the New Age: Exploring the Business Services Scene in Farmington, ME

June 16, 2023

Expenet Technologies: Your All-In-One IT Solution

Offering a wide range of business services, from computer repair and sales to consultancy, Expenet Technologies is an invaluable asset to businesses in Farmington. As a leading Computer Repair Service and Store, Expenet ensures businesses stay connected and efficient in a digital world.

Signworks Inc: Illuminating Your Business

Whether you need a sign for your storefront or a banner for an event, Signworks Inc has you covered. Combining artistic expertise with business acumen, they create signs that not only capture attention but also embody your brand.

Maple Hill Farm: Where Agriculture Meets Business Services

At Maple Hill Farm, the traditional meets the new. Besides its primary farming operations, the farm also offers varied business services, exemplifying the multifaceted economic landscape of Farmington.

Western Mountains Alliance: Driving Economic Growth

The Western Mountains Alliance, a nonprofit Economic Development Agency, leads strategic initiatives to stimulate economic growth and foster a vibrant business community in the region.

United States Postal Service: More Than Just Mail Delivery

The United States Postal Service does more than just deliver mail. With services ranging from package delivery to truck driving, USPS at 196 Main St is an essential piece of the business puzzle in Farmington.

Franklin County Chamber Of Commerce: The Business Catalyst

The Franklin County Chamber of Commerce is a force that binds and propels the local business community. By providing various business services, they boost commerce and create connections within the community.

Harris Real Estate: Bridging the Real Estate Gap

Harris Real Estate is an established name in Farmington’s real estate market. From appraisal and auction services to brokerage, they offer a comprehensive suite of services for homebuyers and sellers.

Butler f l Fuel Oil Co: Energizing Farmington

Butler f l Fuel Oil Co, despite lacking a website, remains a trusted supplier of heating fuels and related services. Their offerings are crucial for residential and commercial entities alike, particularly during Maine’s chilly winters.

TD Bank: Streamlining Your Financial Journey

TD Bank delivers top-tier banking services to businesses and individuals. Whether it’s personal banking or wealth management, their comprehensive suite of products and services cater to diverse financial needs.

Franklin Savings Bank: Western Maine’s Hometown Banker

Franklin Savings Bank combines the personal touch of a community bank with the convenience of modern banking, making them an ideal choice for businesses and residents of Farmington.

Cullenberg Law Offices: Providing Expert Legal Counsel

Cullenberg Law Offices offers legal services covering a range of areas including real estate, bankruptcy, and corporate law, making it a one-stop legal hub for businesses and individuals alike.

A Poochs Paradise: Pampering Your Furry Friends

A Pooch’s Paradise is the go-to place for all pet care needs in Farmington. From grooming to boarding, they take pet care to the next level.

Franklin Printing: Pushing the Boundaries of Print

Franklin Printing combines the power of digital and offset printing, providing businesses with quality printed materials that make an impact.

Hammerick Dental Office: Where Health and Business Align

Dr. Sonali Patel at Hammerick Dental Office offers high-quality dental services. Ensuring the community’s oral health is just another way Farmington supports its vibrant workforce.

Nancy’s Fashion Cuts: Personal Care with a Personal Touch

Nancy’s Fashion Cuts keeps Farmington looking stylish. They combine beauty services with personal care, delivering a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

With these companies powering the business services industry, Farmington, ME continues to be a robust hub of economic activity. They exemplify the versatility and resilience of the local business community and are testaments to the town’s growth and potential.

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