Pioneers of Podiatry: Outstanding Podiatric Practices in Brockport, NY

July 22, 2023

Ayaz Ahmed Habib, DPM


A prominent podiatric specialist, Ayaz Ahmed Habib, DPM, operates under the University of Rochester Medical Center. His approach merges education, science, and technology to optimize health, aiming to revolutionize patient experiences through innovative strategies grounded in scientific rigor. The practice provides a comprehensive array of orthopedic services, especially beneficial when persistent pain or stiffness in bones or joints hinders daily activities.

Telva Hernandez, DPM


Dr. Telva Hernandez, another expert under the umbrella of the University of Rochester Medical Center, offers specialized podiatry care. Renowned for her exceptional professional acumen, Dr. Hernandez effectively manages a wide range of foot and ankle conditions.

Strong West


Strong West is a multi-faceted medical facility, providing an impressive range of services including podiatry, cardiology, orthopedics, cancer treatment, and more. Their extensive team of experienced professionals collaborates to ensure comprehensive, integrated healthcare delivery.

Sean F Buoye, DPM


Operating from Advanced Podiatry Associates, Dr. Sean F Buoye is an acclaimed podiatrist. He combines the latest treatments with a personalized approach, focusing on patient comfort and effective management of foot and ankle issues.

Stephen F Wieczorek DPM

A proficient practitioner, Stephen F Wieczorek, DPM offers comprehensive podiatry services. Despite the absence of a website, his strong reputation in the community stands as testament to his expertise and commitment to patient care.

Palucci Maurice A DPM & Daniel E. Godfrey, DPM


Both Palucci Maurice A DPM and Daniel E. Godfrey, DPM belong to the Monroe Podiatry Group, a leading podiatry center in Brockport. Despite the absence of specific descriptions, the duo’s commitment to top-tier foot care is widely recognized in the local community.

Dr. Jeffrey Teibel, DPM

Dr. Jeffrey Teibel, DPM, another skilled podiatrist, consistently receives high praise for his podiatric skills and compassionate patient care, further enriching Brockport’s podiatry sector.

Monroe Podiatry Group


Monroe Podiatry Group, home to several esteemed practitioners, specializes in diagnosing and treating foot and ankle conditions. Their advanced and comprehensive care resonates through the local community, offering patients much-needed relief.

Advanced Podiatry Associates

While not offering a website, Advanced Podiatry Associates provides quality podiatric services in Brockport. Their commitment to patient wellbeing, combined with effective treatment strategies, makes them a reliable choice for foot care.

Russo Robert A DPM

Russo Robert A DPM offers podiatry services that cater to diverse foot and ankle needs. His dedicated and expert service adds substantial value to Brockport’s podiatric care landscape.

Physician Sales & Service


This entity brings a unique angle to the podiatry industry, supplying medical equipment to healthcare professionals. Offering a wide variety of supplies from ostomy and respiratory supplies to podiatrist equipment and supplies, their services support the operational efficiency of podiatric practices.

Freeling Ronald M DPM


Freeling Ronald M DPM provides expert podiatric care as part of the Rochester Regional Health network. Known for his clinical excellence, Dr. Freeling is a trusted choice for comprehensive foot and ankle treatment.

Valvo David J Podiatrist


Valvo David J Podiatrist blends his foot and ankle expertise with surgical acumen. His well-rounded approach to podiatry makes him a preferred choice for patients requiring complex care, including surgeries.

Brockport’s podiatry industry shines brightly with these outstanding practitioners and organizations. These healthcare professionals and service providers are committed to improving the quality of life for their patients, each contributing to the collective goal of enhancing the community’s foot health.

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