Refueling in Cordele: Top Gas Stations of Georgia’s Gateway City

June 24, 2023

Cordele, known as the gateway to South Georgia, boasts a diverse range of businesses and amenities that make it an attractive stop for travelers. One of its standout industries is its collection of gas stations. Here’s a closer look at some of the prominent gas station companies operating in Cordele, Georgia, offering not just fuel, but a variety of services and goods to enrich your journey.

Pilot Travel Center

The Pilot Travel Center is a multifunctional space offering a truck stop, gas station, and convenience store rolled into one. With a focus on making journeys easier for travelers, Pilot Travel Center is equipped with ample truck parking and offers amenities such as bathrooms and a travel center. It also sells diesel and gasoline for a range of vehicles.


Fresh food, healthy snacks, and cold drinks can be found at Enmarket. More than just a gas station, Enmarket is a convenience store that commits to enriching life with its range of quality goods and competitively priced fuel.


Shell is a global name in the fuel industry. In Cordele, Shell not only provides gasoline but also features a car wash service. The Shell station in Cordele continues the brand’s long-standing commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Quick Buys CITGO

Quick Buys CITGO, accessible via the CITGO main website, is a dependable stop for gasoline. Its refinary ensures quality fuel that keeps engines running smoothly.


Marathon is another name synonymous with quality fuel. Access their services and locations via for an efficient refueling experience.

Williams-Pitts Oil Co.

Williams-Pitts Oil Co., although lacking an official website, is a go-to gas station in Cordele. The company is recognized for their reliable service in the local community.

Vp Racing Fuel

Vp Racing Fuel, another company without a dedicated website, is a well-known gas station in Cordele. It’s a favorite among locals for its quality fuel and customer service.


Sunoco, accessible through, is a widely recognized brand in the fuel industry. They provide reliable fueling services for vehicles of all kinds.

Quick Buy Food

Quick Buy Food is more than just a gas station; it’s also a grocery store. Even without an official website, Quick Buy Food provides quality fuel and groceries to locals and travelers alike.

CITGO Green Pantry

The CITGO Green Pantry, found via the CITGO main website, stands as a one-stop gas station and refinary. It’s known for its reliable fuel services.

Stop & Go

Without a website but with a presence in Cordele, Stop & Go provides fuel services that match its name – quick and convenient.

Culpepper Wade Oil Incorporated

Culpepper Wade Oil Incorporated is a multifaceted fuel company providing a range of products and materials including petroleum and fuel oil. Learn more about their offerings at


The British multinational oil and gas company, bp, maintains a strong presence in Cordele. The company prides itself on providing high-quality fuels and investing heavily in the US economy.

Gas n Go

Operated by Perry Brothers Oil, Gas n Go is a well-regarded convenience store and gas station in Cordele. It aims to provide both fuel and essential products for travelers on the go.

CITGO Cordele Food Mart

Last but not least, CITGO Cordele Food Mart, accessible via the CITGO main website, is a gas station and refinary known for its reliable services.

Each of these gas stations adds to the richness of Cordele, Georgia’s offerings, making this gateway city a convenient pit-stop for travelers.

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