Revolutionizing Finance: Spotlight on Chicago-Based U.S. Startup Innovations

January 26, 2024

The upsurge of financial technology, decentralized finance, and other financial services has led a new wave of startups in Chicago. These rising enterprises, all incepted in 2020 and later, are revolutionizing the finance industry with their innovative approach to lending, investment, and more. They sustain the city’s robust start-up ecosystem and solidify its role as a key innovation hub within the United States. Here are some Chicago-based startups making a difference within the finance industry.

Yield Protocol

Specializing in Blockchain, Finance, Financial Services, and FinTech, Yield Protocol is developing a decentralized lending protocol to bring fixed-term, fixed-rate lending to decentralized finance. The visionary Founder, Allan Niemerg, launched this game-changing start-up in 2020. The mission: to redefine the finance industry with their innovative solution. Connect with Yield Protocol on Linkedin and follow them on @yield.


Collab.Land is a startup that thrives at the intersection of Communities, Finance, and Software. The platform is poised to redefine how communities collaborate financially. Find out more about their exciting developments on their Facebook page or follow them on @Collab_Land_

Magma Capital Funds

Founded by Gershie Vann, Magma Capital Funds is a quantitative fund that uses strategies to respond to market volatility by tactically allocating capital between asset classes. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.


Launched by Neha Govindraj, Bonside is a financial services provider that connects businesses with funding opportunities. They focus on impact, not ownership, and are committed to providing real-world financial solutions. Connect with Bonside on Linkedin or follow them on Twitter at @bonsideinc.

Genius Guild

Genius Guild is stirring up the finance industry by supporting market-driven innovations to end racism. Founded by Kathryn Finney, the influential founder of The Doonie Fund, Genius Guild is a forward-thinking venture studio investing in Black entrepreneurs building scalable businesses. Connect with Genius Guild on Linkedin, or follow them on Twitter @geniusguild.

Transition Equity Partners

Striking the balance of finance with renewable energy, Transition Equity Partners identifies investment opportunities in the clean energy and digital sectors. Get to know more about them on LinkedIn.

Proper Rate

In the realm of Consumer Lending, Finance, Financial Services, and Lending, Proper Rate stands out. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on Twitter @theproperrate.

Seaport Research Partners

Seaport Research Partners is driving innovation in the finance, financial services and market research segment. Join their growing community on LinkedIn.


Olive is bringing a new approach to the Auto Insurance and Finance sector by providing extended warranties to cover mechanical failures. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @olivecoverage.

V-Square Quantitative Management

V-Square Quantitative Management takes a unique impact investing approach, integrating sustainability at every step of their investment process. Connect with them on Linkedin, or follow them on Twitter @vsquant.

The Teen Trillionaire

Founded by Aryav Bothra, The Teen Trillionaire is a company within the education, finance and non-profit sector. Get to know more about them on LinkedIn.

This vibrant array of startups showcases the incredible innovation and limitless potential within the Chicago finance scene. With a myriad of services cutting across different sectors of finance, they serve as testaments to the city’s thriving startup culture.

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