Revolutionizing Information Services: Spotlight on New York-Based US Startups

January 26, 2024

The bustling cityscape of New York City is renowned for its tech scene and startup culture. Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, many innovative companies have continued their growth aspirations, launching since 2020. The Information Services industry is experiencing astounding development, with several new companies emerging with promising ideas and unique approaches to resolve existing challenges. Here’s our selection of some of the most promising Information Services startups, based in New York City and founded after 2020 that are certainly making waves within the tech sphere.

These organizations are not just building successful ventures in the heart of USA’s biggest city, but they are also disrupting the industry sector with the use of advanced tech. Furthermore, these startups illustrate the capacity of new companies to innovate and break new barriers despite prevailing economic and social circumstances.

This article will highlight these companies’ achievements, growth potential, and contributions to the Information Services industry. Let’s take a look at New York’s latest additions and their exciting endeavors.


Highbeam is a fintech company that aims to support ecommerce originators, giving them the tools they require to understand, invest, and expand their businesses.


Co-founded by Zach Lloyd, Warp is a Rust-based coding terminal designed to aid teams in becoming more productive in coding and application development. It offers a sophisticated navigation system and modern collaborative application that transforms the terminal into a single-user utility.


Founded by a dynamic team, Pallet is an infrastructure product that helps communities and creators to establish their own native recruiting products, thus enabling businesses to tap into native internet communities for talent.


Founded by climate enthusiasts, dClimate is a marketplace where climate data, forecasts, and models are standardized, monetized, and distributed, acting as a direct bridge between data publishers and consumers.


Tuned, a startup by Danny Aronson, Kate McGinley and Ofer Raz, is all about revolutionizing hearing healthcare from a reactive to a proactive approach. The company delivers inclusive hearing healthcare to employees, irrespective of their hearing abilities.


Created by Atif Qadir and Jonathan Kuo, REDIST is a platform designed to help real estate professionals easily find and use over $100b in annual real estate incentives, thereby saving time and money on deals.

Insider Intelligence

Co-created by Barbara Peng, Insider Intelligence is at the forefront of providing comprehensive insights into the world of technology and markets through extensive research and analyses.


Blockgraph, founded by Jason Manningham, is a tech company that propels the future of data-driven TV advertising. It employs its specialized Identity Operating System (IDoS) to implement privacy-focused targeting and measurement solutions.


Bunches is an application that allows creators to start group chats about anything. This startup, founded in 2020, simplifies creator-audience interaction.


Started by David Mathus in 2020, PredictIntel caters to the business, investment, and government communities by offering high-quality information services.


Founded by Scott Weiner, CrowdPower stands as an innovative startup in the Information Services sector. Specialising in the development of SaaS and software solutions, this New York based startup is revolutionizing the digital landscape.

This collection of New York based startups gives us a glimpse of the potential that could shape the future of the Information Services industry and beyond. Through their innovative solutions and continuous efforts to challenge the norm, these startups are establishing new standards in their fields. Given their extraordinary growth and inventive approaches, it’s exciting to anticipate what the future holds for these companies.

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