Revolutionizing Personal Health: New York’s Top 15 Startups to Watch

October 6, 2023

1. Resilience Lab

Re-imagining Mental Health Care
Resilience Lab’s mission is to modernize the way clinicians collaborate, ensuring that mental health care is top-notch, tailored, and easily accessible.

2. Helaina

The Future of Breastfeeding Support
Helaina crafts breast milk substitutes tailored for today’s parents, ensuring that they have ample support during their breastfeeding journey.

3. Mixlab

Pharmacy, But For Your Furry Friends
Mixlab stands as the paramount pet pharmacy working hand-in-hand with veterinarians to ensure pets get the best care.

4. Diana Health

Empowering Women’s Health and Maternity Care
Diana Health aims to redefine women’s health and maternity care from its very foundation.

5. Myro

Eco-Friendly Deodorant Revolution
Myro’s plant-powered deodorant champions sustainability, using approximately 50% less plastic with every refill.

6. Better & Better

Eco-Conscious Personal Care
Better & Better introduces personal care products like organic toothpaste in an eco-friendly, reusable dispenser.

7. Calibrate

Redefining Metabolic Health and Weight Management
Calibrate, a digital metabolic health company, pioneers a novel approach to weight management.

8. Thirty Madison

Holistic Healthcare for All
Thirty Madison offers a suite of specialized healthcare brands focused on ensuring top-tier outcomes for everyone.

9. Highline Wellness

Cannabidiol – The Natural Path to Wellness
Highline Wellness offers a variety of cannabidiol products, including oils, gummies, topicals, and kits, for holistic well-being.

10. Limbo

Tech-Driven Weight Loss Assistance
Limbo integrates wearable tech, AI, an app, and human coaching to provide real-time weight loss progress tracking.

11. Northwind

Dermatology Care at Your Fingertips
Northwind has reimagined dermatological care, providing individualized, top-quality treatments online.

12. Breath Hub – Your breath journey

Breathing Meditation On-The-Go
Breath Hub’s mobile application guides users through revitalizing breathing meditation sessions.

13. Haoma

Nature’s Best for Skincare
Haoma crafts natural cosmetic products that redefine the skincare routine.

14. Duos

Reinventing Independence for Seniors
DUOS offers personal assistants dedicated to helping older adults live independently, ensuring freedom at any age.

15. PathSpot

Shielding from Food-Borne Illnesses
PathSpot has designed a system that safeguards food service companies and their customers from potential food-borne threats.

The health sector has always been pivotal, and these New York-based startups are making notable strides in ensuring personal health is more accessible, innovative, and eco-friendly. With their unique approaches and groundbreaking solutions, they’re shaping the future of health in the city that never sleeps.

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