Revolutionizing Professional Services: Notable Startups Based in New York, US

January 29, 2024

Today, we’re exploring a lineup of exciting startups headquartered in New York, New York. These companies are all operating in the Professional Services industry and are new to the scene, having been founded in 2020 or later. From Financial Tech and InsurTech, to Healthcare and Venture Capital, these ambitious startups are making a mark in their respective fields. Let’s take a look at what each one brings to the table.


Founded by Melanie Faxon and Siran Cao, Mirza operates in the FinTech, InsurTech, Professional Services, and SaaS industries. Their major endeavor involves creating and distributing personalized childcare subsidies via an employee benefits platform. They have their sights set on branching out into caregiver insurance. Follow them on Twitter @mirzasayshey or Facebook here.


LoansIntel is a startup specializing in Professional Services. Primarily, they offer Consulting, Credit, Financial Services, and Market Research. You can learn more about the company on their LinkedIn page.


Operating in Health Care, Life Science, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Professional Networking, and Professional Services industries, FirstThought is a research company that connects clients with life sciences subject matter experts, healthcare professionals, and scientists. Useful for investors who want to stay informed on new therapies, devices, and diagnostic tools. Follow them on Twitter @firstthoughtio or on LinkedIn.


USQ is a startup operating in the Professional Services sector, largely focusing on Consulting and Financial Services. Their LinkedIn page can be found here.

Passbook Ventures

In the Financial Services, Professional Services, and Venture Capital sectors, we find Passbook Ventures. Follow them on Twitter @passbookVC or view their LinkedIn page here.

3D Modeling Service USA

The 3D Modeling Service USA specializes in Professional Services offering 3D modeling solutions.

SDK Heiberger

Co-founded by Jamie Harrison and Steven Sperber, SDK Heiberger operates in the Consulting, Legal, Professional Services, and Real Estate sectors. Connect with them on Twitter @sdkhlaw, Facebook here, and LinkedIn here.

Pilot Pipeline

Pilot Pipeline operates within the sphere of Career Planning, Professional Services, and Software. You can follow them on Twitter @pilotpipeline, Facebook here, or LinkedIn here.


Owing its inception to Cyber Security, Professional Services, and Security, Agency provides cyber security solutions. They can be found on Twitter @getagency_com and on LinkedIn.


Focusing on Professional Services and Travel, AVMLO is another New York startup to watch.

Bridge Benefits Group

Bridge Benefits Group is a Workplace Benefits firm specializing in creating cost-effective retirement and benefits programs for small, medium, and large businesses and non-profits. They can be followed on Twitter @bridgebenefits, Facebook here, or LinkedIn here.

Innovation, adaptability, and diverse services; these young startups are charting a course into the future of professional services. We look forward to seeing how they continue to evolve and redefine their industries.

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