Revolutionizing Retail: Innovative New York Based Startups in the US

January 29, 2024

Welcome to another installment of our spotlight series, emphasizing innovative and promising startups across America. We’re shifting our focus toward up-and-coming retail startups located in the vibrant city of New York, New York. These startups, all established in 2020 or later, are redefining their industry, inciting intriguing developments in the retail market. From E-commerce to manufacturing, these startups provide a snapshot into the dynamic retail landscape of the Big Apple. Let’s dive in!


Acquco, backed by former Amazon employees, is mainly an E-commerce platform dedicated to improving Amazon Marketplace businesses. The platform allows for efficient acquisition and enhancement of these businesses, providing a promising solution for marketplace growth and management. Despite launching only recently in 2020, Acquco, under the leadership of their founders, Raunak Nirmal and Wiley Zhang, is already showing impressive strides in the E-commerce and retail industry.


Lucky is a game-changing platform that bridges the gap between retailers and omnichannel brands. Their cutting-edge software can access major retailers’ inventory systems, producing a comprehensive viewpoint of online customer behavior. When customers order a product online, Lucky checks for local availability and presents shipping or in-store pickup options. Nafis Azad and Sneh Parmar founded Lucky, capitalizing on existing retail integrations for enriched shopping experiences.

Moolah Kicks

Moolah Kicks is a retail startup specifically for women’s basketball, offering biomechanically sound sneakers designed for female athletes. Catering to a niche but growing market, Moolah Kicks is carving space in the athletic footwear industry for women who need supportive and performance-enhancing shoes.


With a fascinating fusion of Artificial Intelligence and fashion, iambic is revolutionizing the shoe industry. The startup offers a unique, AI-powered, adaptive shoe-making process that takes into account individual movements, needs, and lifestyles, producing unprecedented customization potential. Founded by Chaudhry Raza Hassan and Maeve Wang, iambic promises shoes continually perfected and personalized with each wear.


Elorea is a fragrance brand taking inspiration from Korea’s rich culture and traditions. Balancing modern aesthetics with cultural heritage, Elorea strives to foster Korea’s global influence through their fragrance offerings.

Beam Coffee

Beam Coffee, founded by Eric Sheng, utilizes innovative, mobile technology to enhance the coffee experience. The startup falls under the intersection of various industries including Food and Beverage, Hardware, Mobile, and Retail, demonstrating their continued adaptation to the multi-faceted retail climate.

The Reflective

The Reflective is a fashion retail startup that empowers women through their apparel. Establishing itself amongst other competitors in the fashion industry, The Reflective encourages confidence and empowerment through their fashion-forward offerings.

RAIM Solutions

RAIM Solutions, founded by Viktor Yehorov, is an Electronics and Manufacturing startup that also taps into the retail technology market. They are an example of how tech enhancements are increasingly influencing the retail sector.


UjuuMedia, established in 2020 by Kelechi Uju, acts as a comprehensive eCommerce platform and brand holding company. They focus on connecting consumers to a diverse set of emerging designers and brands, aiming to create an inclusive shopping experience for their global community.


Larroude, founded by Marina Larroudé, enters the eCommerce and fashion scene with a fresh perspective. The startup falls under retail and footwear, aiming to bring creative and stylish shoe designs to their consumers.


SWAIR, co-founded by Carrie Sporer and Meredith Krill, offers game-changing hair care. Their showerless shampoo cleans hair without suds, water, or residue and caters to active individuals who need quick and high-quality hair care.

From fashion to technology, these retail startups in New York City embody innovation, ambition, and entrepreneurial spirit. They are reshaping how we perceive retail business, setting the stage for promising advancements in the years to come.

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