Revolutionizing the Events Industry: Innovative New York Startups

January 25, 2024

Now in their infancy stages, a wave of New York-based startups are making their impactful presence known within the events industry. Despite facing the headwinds of a global pandemic whose mass event cancellations were quite damaging, these resilient entrepreneurs have innovatively pivoted to meet the changing demands of present times. These startup companies emerging in the midst of challenging circumstances, give us a glimpse of future trends in New York’s bustling events industry and the resilience of entrepreneurial activity.

Here, we present a selected list of such promising startups who have their headquarters located in New York. Spanning a broad range of industries, from Fintech to Theatre and Non-profits, these startups are leaving no stone unturned in transforming the events industry’s landscape. The one common denominator across them all is their innovative approach to navigating through unprecedented times.

Despite being young, these companies showcase immense potential in transforming traditional facets of the industry and bringing forth new, more efficient systems for event management and experiences. We are proud to present a comprehensive and detailed picture of the companies making waves within the industry. Below, the companies are detailed in no particular order:


Maroo is a fintech platform that offers innovative payment solutions tailored for the wedding and events industry. With a mission of streamlining the chaotic wedding payments process, the company aims at providing couples a convenient, unified platform for making payments to multiple vendors. The company was founded in 2020 and is based in New York. You can connect with Maroo on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Virtual Tables

Virtual Tables offers premium event service solutions with a focus on customization and scalability to meet various event needs. It keeps the onus of backend logistics while teams and brands can prioritize leveraging these experiences for meeting their business targets. The company was founded in 2020 and is situated in New York City. Connect with Virtual Tables on LinkedIn.

Department Studios

Dept. Studios, Inc. aims to revolutionize entertainment as we know it. By merging immersive theatrics with technological advancements, the company seeks to create unparalleled alternate reality experiences. The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in New York. Join the Department Studios community on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Beacon, is a mobile application offering a way to easily track and organize future social events. The company, headquartered in New York, was founded by Javier Correa in 2020. Catch the latest updates from Beacon on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The New York City Urban Debate League

The New York City Urban Debate League is situated in New York City. Get to know them better by visiting their Facebook and Twitter pages or connecting via LinkedIn.

Concord Theatricals

Concord Theatricals operates in New York City. Learn more about them on their Facebook and Twitter pages. is located in New York City. You can find out more about them on their Facebook page and connect with them on LinkedIn.

ESP Creative

ESP Creative is based in New York City. Connect with them on their Facebook page and LinkedIn.

Retail Meetup

Retail Meetup calls New York City its home. You can check them out further on LinkedIn.

Growth for Green

Growth for Green also operates out of New York City. Stay in touch with them on LinkedIn.

Robert Kane & Crew

Robert Kane & Crew is based out of New York city. Connect with them on their Facebook page or LinkedIn.

This list intends to shine a light on these budding ventures in the events industry, based in the vibrant city that never sleeps – New York. We are excited to witness their growth and contributions to the events industry and beyond. As these startups continue to innovate and disrupt, their entrepreneurial spirit and a clear vision make the future in this industry look brighter than ever.

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