Revolutionizing Training Industry: San Francisco’s Promising US-Based Startup Innovations

January 28, 2024

Training and learning are crucial aspects within the digitized and ever-changing landscape of the labor market. US companies have recognized the importance of adapting educational and training programs to fit into the dynamics of today’s job market. Likewise, companies initiated in 2020 or later have been venturing into the training industry, offering varied and innovative ideas to enrich this field. This article will focus on these startups that are headquartered in San Francisco, California.

These companies have incorporated digital technology into their training and education programs, with each having a unique approach towards improving the learning experience. From cybersecurity training to literacy tutoring, these startups exemplify the diverse range of training services available today. Here, we highlight each of these companies, detailing their founders, industry of operation, and unique business descriptions.

These startups showcase a shared commitment to ongoing learning and training in the evolving job market. With each company striving to make a significant impact in their respective fields, we witness the power and potential of these innovative startups in shaping the future of workplace training.


Riot, founded by Benjamin Netter, develops a security platform designed to combat phishing attempts. The platform runs fake phishing campaigns on employees and secures products and internal tools with two-factor authentication, educating companies about potential security breaches. Riot operates within the Cybersecurity, Network Security, Software and Training industry. Connect with them on LinkedIn and their Twitter handle @tryriotdotcom.

Ignite! Reading

Guided by founders Evan Marwell and Jessica Sliwerski, Ignite! Reading is a literacy tutoring organization that assists K-8 students with reading instruction grounded in the Science of Reading. Their innovative approach enables targeted online tutoring that meets the specific needs of each developing reader. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter @ignite_reading.

Learn In

Learn In, founded by David Blake, Eric Sharp, Taylor Blake, and Yael Gilboa Kaufmann, provides an upskilling-as-a-service platform. This platform enables companies to offer their employees sabbaticals to acquire essential new skills. Connect with Learn In via LinkedIn, their Facebook page, and Twitter @WeLearnIn.


HOKALI, a startup by Ignacio Viau and Tomas Bisi, wonderfully combines sports and tourism, providing a platform for outdoor enthusiasts to book lessons from local sports schools. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter @HokaliCo.


Founded by Brian Park and Malea Gadoury, Foreword offers an online marketplace focusing on live workshops for startup companies in high-leverage areas like manager training, DEI, and compliance. Reach out to them on their LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, and their Twitter handle @ForewordHQ.


TheraHive offers courses focusing on mental health, providing skills that increase joy, reduce suffering, and improve mental health. Their innovative approach involves dialectical behavioral therapy skills and a DBT pocket guide. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Impello, founded by Bevis Cheng, is dedicated to providing challenging, engaging, and relevant educational experiences in the field of technology. Connect with them through LinkedIn, Facebook, and their website.

Tack Advisors

Founded by Al-Husein Madhany and Meagan Strout, Tack Advisors operates in the Consulting, Recruiting, Training industry. Find out more about them on their LinkedIn page, Facebook, and Twitter @tackadvisors.

Intune Collective

The Intune Collective focuses on brand marketing and management consulting within the training industry. Connect with them via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter @IntuneSf.


Priio is an application that provides business skills training. This platform allows teams and clients to evaluate projects and prevent possible failures. Check them out on LinkedIn.


Sail is a platform that focuses on men’s mental fitness, coaching men to improve their mental performance in areas such as career development, relationships, and self-confidence. Connect with Sail on their LinkedIn profile and Facebook page.

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