Rising Bellevue Software Startups Defining the American Technological Landscape

January 28, 2024

Bellevue, Washington, is increasingly becoming a hub for startups, especially within the software industry. Despite the challenges brought on by 2020, remarkable new businesses have managed to launch and thrive in Bellevue’s business-friendly environment. From developer tools to marketing automation, augmented reality to cloud management, these startups are innovating and creating new solutions in diverse software fields. They are creating a unique niche for themselves and transforming Bellevue into a leading tech city in the United States. Here are some of the corporations that came into existence in 2020 or later.

In selecting these companies, we looked at their contributions to the industry, their potential for future growth and the innovative solutions they are providing. We considered not only their current success but also their future potential to transform the industry. Despite being new, these corporations have made significant strides and are set to make an even more significant impact in the coming years.

The companies listed here represent the best of Bellevue’s software startup scene. They cover a range of services across different areas in the software industry and beyond. Whether you are looking for solutions in marketing automation, augmented reality, or cloud management, you are sure to find a startup in Bellevue that can meet your needs.


Co-founded by Paul Nakata and Phil Haack, Abbot provides a platform for creating, running, and monitoring automation from chat rooms. The innovative software aids teams in bringing work where work discussions take place. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Traject is a ground-breaking software startup that focuses on marketing automation. Their goal is to provide you with tools that save time and earn client trust. Check them out on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Hippo Technologies, Inc.

Cofounded by Brian Hamilton, Craig Williams, George King, and Patrick Quinlan, Hippo Technologies is a pioneer in the fields of augmented reality, healthcare, and software. The company is aimed at leading the transformation to virtual care for healthcare providers. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Founded by Andy Dupertuis, Optrilo focuses on cloud management in the enterprise software industry. The company distills optimal cloud spend from business targets three years in advance, resulting in significant savings. Check them out on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Benefits Zone

Started by Dustin Swisstack and Ryan Leopold, Benefits Zone specialises in information technology and mobile apps apart from software. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Morine Technologies

A standout in the field of analytics, cloud management, and IT, Morine Technologies does not have any specific founders listed. Check them out on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


Vinesta is an intriguing startup that specialises in internet, network security, and software. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Noted for their work in cloud computing, IaaS, sales, and IT, WisdomTree.ai is another exciting startup to look out for. Check them out on LinkedIn.

PrismTech, Inc.

Cofounded by Jess Yu, Peter Tran, and Ryan Eames, PrismTech has developed an advanced scheduling app that combines your personal, social, and professional schedules into one. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Xpanse Inc.

Founded by Gregory Middleman, Xpanse Inc. is building the modern OS for the greater mortgage industry. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Opulent in the field of AI, Machine learning, and software, OneForce has been founded by Andy Zhulenev. Their software specialises in knowledge work automation. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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