Rising Information Technology Startups Reshaping LA’s Silicon Beach Landscape

January 30, 2024

With the technological advancement of the 21st century, Los Angeles has been a thriving hub of IT innovation. Many groundbreaking start-ups were founded in 2020, riding on the waves of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Fintech, Enterprise Software, Gaming industry, Events industry, Health Care industry, and several others. These companies are playing pivotal roles in redefining the future of technology and innovation. Here are some leading startups in the IT industry founded in 2020 and headquartered in LA.


Zora, founded in 2020 by Dai Hovey, Dee Goens, Ethan Daya, and Jacob Horne, is an innovative marketplace for non-fungible tokens. Its platform utilizes blockchain technology to give digital files including photos, videos, audio, and music a secondary market value. Catch them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Co-founded by Ryan Schonfeld, HiveWatch is a front-runner in intelligent security fusion. It uses multi-sensor resolution and machine learning to create an efficient security system. Check out their LinkedIn and Twitter pages to learn more.


Ben Stueck, Ernie Le, and James Kuk founded FreshCut, which aims to redefine creator-fan engagement through its gaming community and content ecosystem. More on their LinkedIn and Twitter pages.


BuzzCast is a virtual events platform co-founded by Luke Peterson, Matthias Thoemmes, and Ryan Byrne. BuzzCast provides global brands with a broadcast-quality experience for their virtual and hybrid events. Follow the buzz on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Crypto Raiders

Crypto Raiders is an interactive blockchain-based game. This highly-engaging platform gives players the ability to buy characters and mobs, go on missions, build teams, and discover NFT loot. Follow their adventures on Twitter.

Serif Health

Serif Health focuses on providing healthcare price intelligence and contract management solutions. Get more insights about their work through their LinkedIn and Twitter pages.


Founded by Ryan Barrows, LevPro is a SaaS platform that helps Fixed Income Investment Managers stay organized and efficient. Check them out on LinkedIn.

Copernic Space

Copernic Space allows users to access and manage all space assets in one place. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn.


Pixelynx is a pioneer in the development of technology that blurs the lines between music, blockchain, and gaming. Catch the latest updates on their Twitter page.


Oisto, founded by Grigori Mikayelyan, is a marketplace for medical and hospital equipment. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Redbird Ventures

Founded by Jason Rothberg, Redbird Ventures is playing a critical role in the consumer applications, food and beverage, information technology, internet, and sales industry. Follow them on Linkedin.

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