Rising Minneapolis Consulting Startups Revolutionizing US Business Landscape

January 26, 2024

In light of the rapid business growth and entrepreneurial drive in Minneapolis, Minnesota, numerous innovative startups have emerged, offering unconventional solutions and strategies across various industries. With a dynamic and diverse business sector that includes consulting, enterprise resource planning, and customer services, Minneapolis offers a conducive breeding ground for startups established post 2020. The increasing role of digital marketing, technology innovation and the need for various business services has further spurred the rise of these forward-looking startups centered around modern-day solutions.

Coming to the forefront are companies offering excellent solutions to current market needs, such as ProInsight, The Connected Hive and Super Foundation. These nascent Minneapolis-based companies have not only penetrated successfully in the competitive American market, but also managed to revolutionize their respective industries. They were all established post 2020 and operate in the consulting industry, further underscoring Minnesota’s rising influence as a hotbed of innovation.

We highlight some of these post-2020 startups, focusing on their diverse industries, their groundbreaking contributions, and pivotal roles in catering to the market’s needs. Each of these startups has carved a niche for itself within a short span, making Minneapolis replicate the success of Silicon Valley. Let’s delve deeper into these companies and their operations.


Brought to life by Bashir Bashir, ProInsight steps into the consulting, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Software industry. Innovative and forward-looking, they are making waves in business consulting with promising growth potential. Connect with them LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter.

The Connected Hive

The Connected Hive delivers consulting services to businesses in Call Center, Customer Service, and Professional Services sectors. They specialize in helping businesses meet their programs’ needs at no cost. To find out more, visit their LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter.

Super Foundation

The Super Foundation is an inspiring player in the consulting and non-profit industry. Crowd-funded and community-oriented, this ingenious startup is creating a resounding impact in the world. Stay in the loop by their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, or follow on Twitter.

Flourish Business Solutions

Founded by Maggie Williams, they provide vital services in Billing, Business Development, and Consulting. Through their wide-ranging financial and administrative consulting services, they’re helping businesses around the world grow. Connect with them LinkedIn and Facebook.


Grassstone, a promising consulting startup servicing the Manufacturing and Medical Device industry. Their dynamic approach to operations advisory and risk management has set them apart from traditional consulting agencies. Visit their LinkedIn profile for more information.

Lov Retail

Lov Retail operates in the Consulting, E-Commerce, Marketing, Retail, and Sales industry. They bring a unique perspective to drive customer value in the retail space. Track them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Pinnacle Business Guides

Pinnacle Business Guides dealing in Consulting, Guides, Training industry, are producers of content, training, and support. Their vision is to make the climb to success enjoyable for leaders. Check them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Co-founded by Amy Dritz and Gautam Muralidharan, Ecocrumb operates in Apps, Environmental Consulting, Management Information Systems, Software, and Sustainability sectors. They provide businesses with insights and management strategies for their environmental and social impacts. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Solifi positions itself in the Consulting, Information Technology, Software industry. With a vision to drive digital transformation and innovations, they’re quite a catch. Watch for updates on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Northborne Partners

Northborne Partners is a consulting startup giving advice and financial services in the professional business domain. They’re aiding businesses in making pragmatic decisions and stay competitive. Get to know them more on LinkedIn.

SR Analytics

SR Analytics, a consulting startup in the Analytics, Software, Training sectors, provides robust business and financial analytics services. They play a pivotal role in helping businesses upscale their operations via methodical evaluations. Visit their LinkedIn profile for more on their services.

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