Rising Phoenix: Innovative US-Based Real Estate Startups in Arizona

January 28, 2024

Phoenix, Arizona, a vibrant city known for its dynamic business environment, is in the midst of a real estate startup boom. With a strategic location, substantial local talent, and a growing startup ecosystem, it’s the ideal breeding ground for innovative real estate ventures. The startups in this list showcase the diversity and dynamism of the Phoenix real estate startup landscape and assert Phoenix’s position as a leading hub for real estate innovation. Founded in 2020 or later, these organizations are changing the face of the real estate industry in the US.

The companies featured in this article are utilizing technology and innovative strategies to revolutionize areas like commercial real estate, rentals, property inspections, and elder care relocation services. Despite being relative newcomers, they are already making a significant impact in their respective sectors. Through their solutions, they are increasing transparency, boosting efficiency, and improving the overall experience for buyers, renters, and real estate professionals alike.

Let’s take a closer look at these groundbreaking companies. Each of them provides a unique solution which neatly fills a niche in the real estate market with their headquarters all being located right here in Phoenix, Arizona.

Maris Advisors

Specialized in commercial, leasing, and real estate sectors, Maris Advisors optimizes the decision-making process for both real estate investors and users.Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Unbound Development

Offering services in commercial and residential real estate, Unbound Development strives to transform every property into a productive investment. LinkedIn

Inspections Over Coffee

Inspections Over Coffee leads the country in property inspection services. They provide residential and commercial inspections, along with expertise in environmental services. Facebook | LinkedIn


Zendoor, a standout in the real estate, rental property, residential, and software sector, brings innovative solutions to the real estate market. LinkedIn


A one-stop relocation platform for older adults, Sunbound integrates elder care specifications with real estate. The founders, Manny Cominsky, Nat Miller, and Stuart Mason envision their platform as a time-saving resource for older adults, helping them to perform all logistics related to relocation. LinkedIn

Dovetail Investment Group

As a private investment firm, Dovetail Investment Group, founded by Coburn Sheppick, operates by investing in exceptional real estate assets. They align with experienced operating partners for strategic capital placement. Facebook | LinkedIn

Orion Office REIT

Orion Office REIT showcases its proficiency in commercial, property management, and real estate. They specialize in providing industry-leading real estate services across various sectors. LinkedIn

Thrive Services Group

Blending commercial real estate with education and property development, Thrive Services Group works to strengthen communities through strategic real estate ventures. LinkedIn

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