Salt Lake City’s Real Estate Revolution: 15 Innovative Startups to Watch

October 31, 2023

1. Onboard: The Ultimate Tech Bulk Program Manager

Onboard has revolutionized the way tech bulk programs are handled by offering negotiation, deployment, and management solutions tailored for the real estate industry. Dive into their innovative offerings here.

2. JANIIS: Streamlining Property Management

JANIIS offers a seamless property management and marketing platform, specifically designed for vacation rental and hotel property managers. Discover their platform here.

3. Modal Living: A New Take on Housing

Committed to reshaping our perception of home, Modal Living introduces modular, accessible, and responsible housing solutions. Check out their unique approach here.

4. Drop Offer, Inc.: Redefining Real Estate Services

Providing a broad range of real estate services, Drop Offer, Inc. stands out in Salt Lake City’s competitive market. Explore their offerings here.

5. Nōmadik Living: Effortless Apartment Renting

Nōmadik Living is transforming the rental experience, making it as simple as booking a hotel room. Say goodbye to tedious application processes here.

6. Arete Collective: Building Dream Resorts & Communities

From ski resorts to country havens, Arete Collective specializes in crafting residential communities and exclusive resorts. See their breathtaking projects here.

7. Brick and Vine: Comprehensive Real Estate Services

Whether you’re searching for a new home or require property management services, Brick and Vine has got you covered. Explore their diverse services here.

8. IdealEstate: Expanding Opportunities with Referrals

Connecting professionals through a dynamic referral network, IdealEstate is a game-changer for real estate professionals. Join their network here.

9. Alta Bay Capital: Integrative Private Equity Investment

As a vertically integrated private equity investment firm, Alta Bay Capital has established itself as a leader in the market. Learn more about their expertise here.

10. Blockcities: Pioneering Property Technology

Focused on the fractionalization of physical assets, Blockcities is driving towards a more sustainable future in property technology. Delve into their mission here.

11. The Perry Group: Trusted Property Transactions

Handling both commercial and residential properties, The Perry Group has cemented itself as a reliable real estate powerhouse. Visit their portfolio here.

12. SVN | Alta Commercial: Expertise in Commercial Real Estate

Offering investment, retail, land, and development services, SVN | Alta Commercial is a name synonymous with commercial real estate excellence. Engage with their professionals here.

13. Acacia Strategies: Real Estate Consultation & More

From investment strategies to property valuation, Acacia Strategies provides a suite of real estate services tailored for success. Explore their approach here.

14. LegUp Ventures: Business & Real Estate Synergy

LegUp Ventures offers a blend of services, ranging from business assistance and financial guidance to real estate solutions and education. Discover their multifaceted offerings here.

15. Stonebrook Real Estate: All-In-One Real Estate Solutions

A full-service firm, Stonebrook Real Estate is dedicated to providing superior property management and real estate services. Begin your property journey here.

As Salt Lake City continues to evolve, these trailblazing companies stand at the forefront, shaping the future of the real estate industry. Whether you’re a potential homebuyer, an investor, or just someone keen on innovations, keep these names on your radar!

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