San Diego’s Innovations: Startups Transforming US Healthcare Industry

January 29, 2024

In the recent years, startups booming in the health care industry have showcased outstanding growth and innovations, propelling the sector forward. This article explores some of the most promising health care startups that have been established since 2020 and are based in San Diego, California. These teams are focused on addressing gaps in current treatment protocols, reducing the cost and complexity of health care, and developing innovative ways of diagnosing and treating illnesses.

San Diego is one of the most popular cities in terms of biotech investments. Many of these firms operate in the fields of biotech, pharmaceuticals, and other areas, contributing significantly to the local economy and creating employment opportunities. Their ground-breaking research and development are transforming future therapeutic landscapes and inspiring further innovations in the sector.

The startups that we will explore today include Turquoise Health, Longboard Pharmaceuticals, Neomorph, Ocelot Bio, Replicate Bioscience, Abintus Bio, Alida Biosciences, Palamedrix, Jengu Therapeutics, BlossomHill Therapeutics, and Relish. Together, these companies illustrate the dynamism and potential of the health care sector in the San Diego region.

Turquoise Health

Founded by Adam Geitgey and Chris Severn, Turquoise Health simplifies administration to reduce the expense and complexity of healthcare. As a health tech company established in 2020 working remotely from San Diego headquarters, they are dedicated to making healthcare transactions easy, secure, and transparent. Connect with them via LinkedIn or @TurquoiseHC.

Longboard Pharmaceuticals

Longboard Pharmaceuticals is committed to providing solutions for patients with rare neurological diseases. Founded by Kevin R. Lind in 2020, its proprietary pipeline includes various programs demonstrating broad clinical utility. You can find out more about their research on their LinkedIn page and follow their updates on


Neomorph, a San Diego-based biotechnology company, was founded by Benjamin Ebert, Eric Fischer, Philip Chamberlain, and Scott Armstrong. They aim to solve critical issues in human health by developing innovative medicines against undruggable targets. Their key focus is on “molecular glue” degraders. Visit their website to learn more.

Ocelot Bio

Focusing on delivering new treatment options for patients with severe liver disease, Ocelot Bio was founded by Gebhard Neyer and Geoff Harris in 2020. Stay up to date with their latest advancements by following @OcelotBio or connecting with them on LinkedIn.

Replicate Bioscience

Created with the goal to prevent and reverse drug resistance in the field of oncology, Replicate Bioscience was established by Andrew Geall, Herbert Kim Lyerly, Nathaniel Wang, and Zachary Hartman. Their novel treatments are based on a self-replicating RNA platform called SynRGY. Connect with them on LinkedIn and follow them on @Replicate_Inc.

Abintus Bio

Abintus Bio, a gene therapy company primarily engaged in vivo immune cell reprogramming, was established by Carlos E. Ibañez, Cory Bentley, Derek Ostertag, and Douglas Jolly. The company focuses on finding solutions that enhance patient access and patient outcomes. Keep updated by following their LinkedIn page.

Alida Biosciences

Alida Biosciences is a 2020-founded biotech company offering RNA analysis tools to improve human health. Founders Byron Purse and Gudrun Stengel are dedicated to exploring innovative health solutions. You can reach them through their LinkedIn page or on their website.


Established in 2017 by Shane Bowen, Palamedrix is a developer of a multi-omic platform designed to accelerate advancements in life science and medicine. They utilize DNA nanotechnology to procure solutions for biomedical applications by providing comprehensive data. Check their LinkedIn for more details.

Jengu Therapeutics

Jengu Therapeutics, launched by Benjamin Neel in 2020, focuses on the study of cellular signaling pathways related to cell proliferation and differentiation, and how the disruption of these pathways can cause diseases, such as cancer. They are committed to finding cures for the most challenging diseases of our time.

BlossomHill Therapeutics

With a focus on addressing unmet medical needs in oncology and autoimmune disorders, BlossomHill Therapeutics is a small molecule drug discovery and development company founded by J. Jean Cui and Y. Peter Li. Find out more about their work on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Liz Dickinson, Relish integrates medication, behavioral counseling, and lifestyle support to address the underlying emotional causes of weight gain. Find more about their approach by visiting their Facebook page and connecting with them on LinkedIn.

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