San Francisco Marketplace Startups Making Waves Across the US

January 28, 2024

The entrepreneurial landscape in San Francisco is rich with innovation, particularly within the realm of marketplaces. Emerging in various industries, from blockchain technologies to sustainable waste management, these startups are transforming traditional business models and creating exciting new avenues for customers and investors alike. Rapid advancements in technology coupled with innovative thinking have made this renaissance possible, empowering businesses with the tools and resources to scale their operations despite the challenges of their respective markets. Let’s take a closer look at some of these standout startups, all of which were established in 2020 or later.


thirdweb, founded by Furqan Rydhan and Steven Bartlett, offers an end-to-end developer tool that accelerates the development of web3 apps, games, tokens, NFTs, marketplaces, DAOs, and more. With their robust software development kits, they empower developers to swiftly build and launch web3 applications, as well as deploy tailor-made or pre-existing smart contracts. If you want to know more about thirdweb, follow them on their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.


Trendsi, established by Ella Zhang, Maddie Davidson, and Sherwin Xia, is an online B2B fashion marketplace that simplifies the process of acquiring wholesale inventory for sellers. Their unique combination of technology and supply chain capability helps entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses with minimum risk and no upfront inventory or subscription cost. Get connected with Trendsi on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

Office Hours

Office Hours, founded by Erez Arnon, Joe Kim, and Patrick Reynolds, is a knowledge-sharing platform where individuals get paid to share their unique professional experiences. The platform allows advisors to host virtual office hours, where clients can gain valuable insights on industry trends, customer perspectives, and marketing strategies. Visit their LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook to learn more.


HamsaPay, founded by Adam Zbar, Hubert Wu, and Liang Gong, is the world’s first Smart, X-border Trade DeFi network. It leverages blockchain technology to democratize access to finance and provide deep-tier trade financing to supply chains. Their DeFi marketplace is revolutionizing who can invest in cross-border trade financing. Check out their LinkedIn page for more information., implanted by Andrew Yates and Dan Hill, unifies organic search, promotions, and ads into one optimized system for marketplaces. It sorts marketplace search and promotes the top listings to increase revenue. Visit their LinkedIn page for more information.

Foundation Labs

Foundation Labs, founded by Kayvon Tehranian and Matthew Vernon, has developed a blockchain-based art marketplace for creators, curators, and tastemakers. It uses the internet and crypto to introduce new revenue streams and forms of ownership to art, design, and other creative outputs. You can follow Foundation Labs on Twitter or their Facebook page.


Offsyte, founded by Emma Hong Guo and Jonathan Como, is a one-stop-shop for discovering and booking high-quality team events. They offer a wide array of virtual events to keep remote teams connected. Visit Offsyte’s LinkedIn page for more information.


HOKALI, established by Ignacio Viau and Tomas Bisi, connects outdoor enthusiasts with local sports schools for lessons and coaching services. Connect with HOKALI on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Chris Horne, Filta is a face filter platform where people can acquire digital merchandise from their favorite content creators. They can also buy and sell limited editions of face filter NFTs on social media. You can get connected with Filta on their LinkedIn page and Twitter account.

Mobius Materials

Mobius Materials, established by Margaret Upshur, is a marketplace for buying and selling preowned electronic components. They source components, verify their authenticity, and offer immediate stock shipment. Connect with Mobius Materials on their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

GalaxE by HODL Assets, Inc.

HODL Assets, launched by Aj Bosch, Jenny Q. Ta, and Lenny Schutz, is a revolutionary NFT platform and marketplace. Facilitating the creation, buying, and selling of non-fungible tokens on multiple blockchains, HODL Assets is leading the way into the future. To keep updated, follow them on their LinkedIn account.

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