San Francisco’s Cutting-Edge AgTech Startups Revolutionizing US Agriculture Industry

January 3, 2024

San Francisco is a bubbling hub for startups, across industries, with a thriving entrepreneurial atmosphere inspiring innovation. In recent years, agriculture – a longstanding pillar of American industry – has seen its own startup revolution, inspiring a new generation of businesspeople using technology, science, and innovative business practices to reshape the industry. Today, we’re introducing you to some of the brightest agriculture startups in San Francisco that were launched in 2020 or later.

These young companies are using cutting-edge tools and forward-thinking perspectives to meet the challenges of contemporary agriculture, from sustainable farming to efficient supply chains. They are leading the charge in marrying new technologies with traditional farming methods, creating a more efficient and sustainable agricultural sector.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, these startups responded with ingenuity, resilience, and determination to overcome obstacles and bring their innovative solutions to the agricultural landscape. Let’s take a look at these impressive startups changing the game in the agriculture industry.


Founded by Albert Abedi, Jayce Hafner, and Sami Tellatin, FarmRaise is a digital platform that enables farmers and ranchers to access financial resources for on-farm improvements. The startup helps unlock capital to amplify farm profitability and sustainability. Farmers can register a FarmRaise account for free to match with grants and apply for three federal programs. The company has their headquarters in San Francisco, California.


Uniphage, a biotech company, combines bacteriophages with artificial intelligence to eliminate bacterial infections. Their first target is citrus greening, an incurable disease costing the United States more than $2 billion annually. Uniphage has created models for predicting viruses against target bacterial infections, expediting the delivery of new antimicrobial, safe, and precise products.


Described as an AgTech company, Vendomarch provides farming software solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity in the farming sector. Founded by Prit Sharma, Vendomarch brings innovative software solutions to traditional agricultural practices. The company is also headquartered in San Francisco.


An industry pioneer, 3DIMO, founded by Nneile Nkholise and Willie Macharia, aims to democratize agricultural investment. Their unique marketplace enables individuals to invest in organically grown crops and animals, and earn returns from the sale of their produce. By allowing fractional buying of assets, 3DIMO lowers entry barriers encouraging more participants to invest in agriculture.


Neatleaf is a tech-driven startup providing solutions for sustainable farming through data analysis and comprehensive automation. Co-founded by Elmar Mair and Ralf Schoenherr, Neatleaf leverages artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and robotics to optimize agricultural yields.


GreenChain is revolutionizing the food supply chain by creating an interconnected system that reduces wastage. Founded by Danny Nemer and Lisa Shmulyan, GreenChain negates the inefficiencies in the current B2B food supply chain and brings the entire commerce layer online with a marketplace that substantially increases industry efficiency.

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