Showcasing Miami’s Pioneering US E-Commerce Startups: A Deep Dive

January 26, 2024

In recent years Miami, Florida has become a hotbed for startups in the tech and E-Commerce industries. Despite the ongoing global pandemic, these startups have thrived, showcasing their innovative solutions to adapt to societal and market changes. This article highlights a selection of the best startups from 2020 within the E-Commerce industry in Miami, Florida.

These startups have harnessed cutting-edge technology, revolutionizing traditional business models, and providing unique experiences to consumers. Moreover, these startups are contributing significantly to Miami’s economy and creating many job opportunities.

The following startups are the embodiment of innovation, and optimally utilize the power of E-Commerce for their businesses.


Launched in 2020, Loupe is an application offering engaging ways to buy, sell, invest, and collect sports cards, taking this beloved pastime to a whole new level. The company is spearheaded by co-founder Eric Doty. Connect with Loupe on Facebook and Twitter.

The Cobblers

The Cobblers aims to revolutionize the luxury resale and restoration industry. The experts at The Cobblers provide cleaning, repair, restoration, and customization services, primarily for luxury and premium goods. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


With the goal of streamlining business transactions, WAO! developed a social commerce ecosystem connecting micro-entrepreneurs to their customers. Follow their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.


DriveKindness delivers meals right to your doorstep. This e-commerce platform also provides support to restaurants, communities, and franchisees. Visit them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


EasyGet simplifies international shopping by offering a seamless checkout process and leveraging AI to help consumers find unique products from around the world. Check out their progress on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Wynshop offers a digital platform to help grocers grow and optimize their operations. Their services range from e-commerce to fulfillment technologies. Follow their story on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Feminade is an online concierge for women’s hormone and reproductive health, offering advanced at-home testing, telehealth, and evidence-based holistic treatments. Get connected on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Bay Smokes

Check out Bay Smokes for their range of natural cannabis products. See their latest updates on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Good Books

Good Books is an online platform for ebooks and information services. Head over to their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Ecommerce Marketing Agency

The Ecommerce Marketing Agency is your go-to source for online advertising, digital marketing, and web design needs. Learn more by visiting their LinkedIn site.

Cotton Love

Cotton Love offers high-quality linens at discounted prices. From bath towels to bed linen, Cotton Love has it all, with delivery and friendly service. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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