San Francisco’s Event-Pioneering Startups Shaping America’s Social Landscape

January 28, 2024

Innovation and transformation have been the definitive traits of the recent years within the events industry. Amidst challenges thrown up by the global pandemic, numerous startups sprung up in 2020 and onward in this sector, setting up their headquarters in one of the world’s leading entrepreneurship hubs – San Francisco, California. These startups, birthed in the bustling tech capital, have revolutionized various facets of the events industry with their cutting-edge tools and solutions, providing modern alternatives for anything from conference management to virtual business interactions.

Here, we turn the spotlight onto these rising “eventopreneurs”, as we navigate through the vibrant startup ecosystem of San Francisco. These young companies are pushing boundaries, reinventing the way events are conceptualized, created, and consumed, while answering the rapidly evolving, complex needs of today’s remote world.

Each of these startups exhibit unique strengths, leverage advanced tech and offer an array of interesting solutions, from virtual conferences and hybrid meeting solutions to event planning platforms and immersive 3D business services. Let’s dive in to explore more about them.


Zuddl is a conference management company that provides online conferencing services, founded in 2020 by Bharath Varma and Vedha Sayyaparaju. This digital media and video conferencing platform allows for the creation, management, and hosting of high-impact events. Serving as a bridge between businesses and their audiences, Zuddl provides a comprehensive solution for virtual events.


Ribbon, founded by Matteo Carroll and Vojta Drmota, is an online platform for live and recorded events improving the virtual event experience. It simplifies online events, integrating with Zoom, customizing email marketing, and allowing for the creation of an online library. Ribbon presents a seamless interface for event goers and organizers alike.

Gatsby Events

Micheal Zuccarino and Zach Rivkin founded Gatsby Events in 2020. This company combines the beauty of invites with the functionality needed for an unforgettable event and the follow up it requires. As a collaborative event planning platform, Gatsby Events drives the organization and execution of successful events.

Presidio Social Club

The Presidio Social Club, founded by Ray Tang, offers a social dining experience, bringing brunch and dinner to its expanded patio. Providing a retro vibe accompanied by classic cuisine, cocktails, and attentive service, the Presidio Social Club embodies a unique blend of food and beverage service in the event industry.

Full Picture Media

Full Picture Media is a startup that helps create captivating content in the realm of events, media, and entertainment. It is known for its inventive work in video editing, providing high-quality video content for events.


Hubilo, founded by Mayank Agarwal and Vaibhav Jain, provides an all-in-one virtual and hybrid event platform to event planners and organizations across the globe. Offering an engaging and interactive event experience, Hubilo helps in planning, managing, and successfully executing events of all types.


The brainchild of Mano Puthukudy and Nivi Padhy, Tikkl is an events platform bringing secure, geo-coded, and interactive 4K streaming experiences to both event organizers and attendees. Supporters can attend exquisite in-person or virtual events via Tikkl.


Flok, founded by Anthony Emberley, Harris Stolzenberg, and Jared Hanson, offers end-to-end company retreat planning, handling everything from finding the ideal destination to coordinating flights and logistics. It offers an ideal blend of event management, leisure, and travel sectors.


Gradual, started by Jerry Li, brings together events, content, and conversations within an all-in-one community platform. With attention to meaningful community building, Gradual serves to create networks and circles of interaction.

SF Salon Music

SF Salon Music brings the joy of music to life. As part of the ticketing subset of the events industry, they offer a unique music event experience, allowing musicians and event organizers a platform to celebrate the art of music.


Founded by Mohammed Badran, WonderSouq is a virtual platform that combines e-commerce and event experiences. It allows businesses to sell and provide services to a wide audience in a fully immersive 3D environment, bringing a new dimension to online business and social practices.

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