San Francisco’s Rising Mobile Apps Startups Enriching US Tech Landscape

January 26, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, startups in Mobile Apps industry are making significant strides. From sustainable lifestyle management to comprehensive travel planning, these startups are harnessing the power of technology to drive convenience, sustainability, and innovation. They are based in the melting pot of technology and innovation; San Francisco, California. Here, we spotlight some new and exciting startups emerging from this tech hub, all of which were founded in 2020 or beyond.

These San Francisco mobile apps startups are bringing fresh ideas to various industries including software, smart cities, transportation, IT, business development, fintech, cybersecurity, recreation, and marketing. With a clear vision and revolutionary ideas, they are offering transformational solutions to modern-day challenges. Let’s take a closer look at these pace-setting enterprises.

Whether you’re a potential investor, an entrepreneur, a job seeker, or simply a tech enthusiast, learning about these startups will offer valuable insights into the current trends and future possibilities of mobile technology. With each startup offering unique solutions and innovative products, we all stand to benefit from their services. Let’s jump in and learn more about these fascinating San Francisco mobile apps startups.


Founded by Andreas Homer, Ari Sawyers, and Ebby Amir, Aerial is the go-to app for managing your carbon footprint and facilitating a sustainable lifestyle. The app automatically tracks a user’s carbon emission, provides an easy way to offset them, and offers insights into sustainable living. Aerial’s contribution to eco-friendly living has seen it featured in multiple publications including Fast Company, The Weather Channel, CNBC, The Hill, and many others. The company is also currently hiring.


Centered, the brainchild of Ulf Schwekendiek, is an assistant for flow that aims to help users achieve a state of flow and maintain it for extended periods. It positions itself as a crucial tool for efficiency and productivity, suitable for today’s busy and distracting work environments.


An aggregator of all forms of public transportation, Bestmap is the creation of Anatoly Corp and Camila Kister. It’s designed to allow users access to e-scooters, bikes, trains, buses, and other forms of public transportation through a single, convenient platform. Bestmap envisages a future where users can use a single app to find all mobility companies in any urban setting and navigate their travel needs effortlessly.


Aampe, founded by Paul Meinshausen, operates in the Information Technology, Mobile Apps, and Software industry. With further details yet to be disclosed, Aampe stands as a testament to the expanding realm of tech startups in San Francisco.


SimpleCircle is a venture in the realms of Business Development, Computer, Digital Marketing, Mobile Apps, and Software sectors. More information on the startup’s specific purpose and goals is to be revealed.


Paymobil, the brainchild of Daniel Nordh, is a mobile payments app that allows users to send and request money worldwide in seconds. The company leverages cryptocurrency to power payments, promising a user experience on par with existing consumer products like Venmo and Square Cash, with additional benefits of cross-border compatibility and global availability.

Vert AI Inc.

Specializing in deep learning and computer vision on edge and mobile platforms, Vert AI Inc. was founded by Princeton Kwong. Among its key offerings is VertALPR, a vehicle-mounted automated license plate recognition tool that runs on mobile devices.

Breakthrough Apps

Founded by Ramie Chaarani and Sunny Dulay, Breakthrough Apps offers comprehensive services including app release, app store optimization, app customer support, updating features, and payment processing alongside sales tax services. It also provides growth tools like social media templates, email workflows, marketing tips, and promotional ideas.


Operational in the IT, Mobile apps, Recreation, and Social Network industry, MOPO Life is the vision of Martin Hall. More details about the startup are awaited.


EyCrowd, founded by Ayman AlZamil and Brad Cowdrey, operates in the Advertising, Apps, Artificial Intelligence, Crowdsourcing, Marketing, and Mobile Apps sectors. Further details about the startup await official disclosure.


Truffl, launched by Eric Om, is a travel planning app that allows users to find and share travel recommendations from people they trust. The San Francisco-based startup is making travel planning social and personalized.

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